Biden says he’ll Reverse Trump Immigration Policies, Six Months Needed

Biden says he’ll Reverse Trump Immigration Policies, Six Months Needed

President-elect Joe Biden says it will take approx. 6 months to roll back President Trump’s restrictions on immigration to prevent activating a surge of 2 million people on the American border.

In a press conference, on the agenda for his immigration policy implementation, Joe Biden stated on Tuesday that he has already started the process to resolve these issues with Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Mexican President, and their friends in Latin America.

Biden underlined the increment in the number of delayed immigrants on the country’s southern border that now ended up with 2 million since his presidential victory over Trump last month.

He noted that more funding is required for more asylum judges to process the claims. Moreover, he assured that while he will work to loosen Trump’s asylum limitations, it will possibly take the next six months to put that in place.

According to Customs and Border Patrol figures, detentions in October increased by 30% from September and remained the same in November. Some experts predict that this increase may increase in the early months of Biden’s presidency.

Both Sullivan and Rice stated in separate interviews with the EFE that Biden would take executive action where possible to resolve issues with the immigration system. Moreover, they would serve humanity and help Latin American economies to urge the plans to address the arrival of immigrants’ primary reason for America.

Significance of Immigration During 2020 Election

The President-elect’s comments came the day after Susan Rice and Jake Sullivan, his incoming domestic policy and national security consultants, respectively. Moreover, they told the Spanish wire service EFE that changes to the US immigration system would take time, and migrants should not expect the border to be fully open straightaway. The comments sparked Rep. Ilhan Abdullahi Omar to blame the Biden team for breaking a core campaign promise.

In response to inquiry against criticism from immigration reform, Biden said that he had never told them anything he has not performed. Moreover, he claimed that he is working with them and dealing with some of the related firms.

Biden says he’ll Reverse Trump Immigration Policies, Six Months Needed
Biden says he’ll Reverse Trump Immigration Policies, Six Months Needed
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Immigration was a significant matter during the 2020 election campaign. During the Democratic presidential primaries, Biden was criticized by the nomination competitors. Whereas during his tenure as VP, Trump observed the same for increasing deportations during the general election under President Obama. Some of the immigration activists declared Obama as Deporter in Chief.

In November, Biden promised to send to Congress a bill that would pave the way for citizenship for more than 11 million undocumented immigrants in his 100 days in office.


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