Displaced Keystone Pipeline workers blast Biden for climate Change Actions

Displaced Keystone Pipeline workers blast Biden for climate Change Actions

Keystone XL Pipeline’s displaced workers David Dickerson and Kristina and laid off oil-field worker Joe Clingan blasted Biden’s executive order canceling the project and other climate change actions Tuesday, warning the Biden’s government is going to ruin them.

Joe Clingan indicated to Fox & Friends that the White House has got a plan that they are going to ruin them. Clingan also told they’re going to start importing stuff from China. Moreover, they’re not going to buy American stuff. He added they could be selling elsewhere, but no, they are going to go somewhere else and going to buy more, and then they’re going to be more in debt.

Joe Biden temporarily suspended the issuance of oil and gas permits on federal lands and waters along with halting the Keystone oil pipeline project in a series of orders aimed at battling climate change.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, argued with Peter Doocy (White House correspondent for Fox News) after he compelled her to address expected job losses resulted from Biden’s executive actions to cancel the Keystone pipeline.

Peter Doocy referenced Biden’s pledge to create high-paying union jobs through investments in green energy infrastructure projects. Psaki answered she would surely welcome him to present his data of all thousands of people who won’t be getting green jobs. She also asked to present that data meeting next time.

Doocy cited a current claim by Laborers’ International Union of North America that the president’s decision to cancel the oil-pipeline would cause thousands of union jobs to immediately vanish and remove 10000 more construction-jobs.

Effort to get politicians back to the table

Doocy reported that she said they would be getting green jobs, so he is just requesting when has happened with that. Peter Doocy said as Biden has indicated when he gave his inaugural address to talk about the U.S. Rescue Plan, he talked about his campaigns to also put forward a jobs-plan in the weeks or months.

Psaki claims to have every plan to do exactly that.

On Tuesday, David Dickerson said that the cheapest bidder will build solar panels, with the economical parts that they can get. That is flooding their market right now on all solar farms. Moreover, he said that it will not be union work or jobs.

Displaced Keystone Pipeline workers blast Biden for climate Change Actions
Displaced Keystone Pipeline workers blast Biden for Climate Change Actions
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Kristina Dickerson emphasized that there requires to be a lot of education done before they jump out there and kill their whole industry and encouraged those in the industry to call their representatives. Moreover, Kristina Dickerson stressed to try to get their politicians back to the table to look at this again and make sure this is the best choice that they have.

She asked, why does it have to all be green and no oil and gas. Moreover, she asked them why can’t be a little bit of both until they can see how it’s going to work out.

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