Moscow Seeks Military, Economic Support from Beijing – US Intel

US says Moscow seeks military assistance from Beijing for the war in Ukraine, as well as to provide economic aid.

Moscow Seeks Military, Economic Support from Beijing – US Intel

According to the American officials, Moscow seeks military assistance from Beijing, including drones, for the war in Ukraine, as well as to provide economic aid, to help offset the battering country’s economy has taken from wide-ranging consequences announced by America, Asian and European countries to punish Putin for a large-scale attack on his neighbor.

The U.S. officials, resolute in upholding secrecy to their means of gathering the intel on requests of Moscow, refused to discuss further the kind of military assistance or weaponry that Russia is seeking. Moreover, the officials declined to describe any response by Beijing to Russian requests but said that China had responded.

And if the Chinese provide potential aid, it would be a significant advancement in Moscow’s incursion. However, it could also trouble the hold Ukrainians still have on their land as well as offer an offset to the tough costs imposed on the economy of the Russian Federation.

Furthermore, when inquired by CNN about the reporting of Moscow’s requests for military support, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the US, Liu Pengyu, said that he’s never heard of that. Beijing’s high priority was to avert the tension in Ukraine from becoming wild. Liu Pengyu noted that the present situation is indeed unsettling, he stated in a response via e-mail. Liu added China has and will continue to give humanitarian aid to the besieged Ukraine.

However, Russian Embassy in America didn’t immediately give any comment.

America Won’t Let Any Country Compensate Russia for Its Economic Losses

The news of Russia’s request comes before Jake Sullivan, the White House National Security Advisor, will hold a meeting with Yang Jiechi, a high-ranking Chinese politician, in Rome on March 14 as part of a follow-up discussion to the Nov. 2021’s virtual meeting between Chinese and American leaders, according to Emily Horne, the U.S. National Security Council spokesperson.

Furthermore, Sullivan told CNN on March 13 that Beijing providing Moscow with assistance is ‘a concern.’ He said that they’re also observing carefully to see the extent to which Beijing actually does offer any form of aid, economic or material assistance, to Moscow. It’s a massive concern of the United States, according to Sullivan.

Jake Sullivan added they’ve transferred to China that the US won’t stand by and let any state to compensate Vladimir Putin for its losses from the economic costs.

Moscow Seeks Military, Economic Support from Beijing – US Intel
Moscow Seeks Military, Economic Support from Beijing – US Intel
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Russian military forces widened their violence to the Western region of Ukraine on Sunday, launching missiles near Lviv, a Ukrainian city about 70 kms from the Polish border, and striking a major training base near to the border with Poland, purportedly killing 35 people and wounding 134. Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraine’s Minister of Defense, described the airstrike as ‘a terrorism attack’ on peace and stability near the NATO-EU border.


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