Ukraine’s Zelenskyy says: ‘I’m Ready for Negotiations with Putin’

Ukrainian leader said he is willing for discussions with his Russian counterpart but warned talk's failure would mean a Third World War.

Ukraine’s Zelenskyy says: ‘I’m Ready for Negotiations with Putin’

On Sunday, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, told Fareed Zakaria, an Indian-American journalist, that he is willing for discussions with his Russian counterpart but warned if the talks fail to find a stop against the unprovoked war that, this would mean a Third World War. Zelenskyy added that he was prepared for the past 2-years to negotiate with Mr. Putin, and he thinks that they couldn’t stop this brutal assault without talks.

The Ukrainian President said he thinks that they’ve to use any format, any chance to have a likelihood of meeting, probably of speaking to the Russian leader. But if these efforts at diplomatic path fail, that would mean that this’s a World War III. The President of Ukraine has urged more discussions in past days as Moscow’s all-out incursion of Ukraine nears its 4th week. In a video-message posted on March 19, he requested for ‘negotiations without delay,’ warning that Kremlin’s losses would be massive otherwise. Moscow’s losses will be like that it would take generations to recover.

The leader of Ukraine said that he’s always insisted on attempts at diplomacy; they’ve always invited discussions requested solutions for peace and stability. Additionally, Zelenskyy said he wants everyone to hear him now, particularly in Moscow. Now, it’s Time to Meet and Talk; it’s the moment to give back territorial integrity, sovereignty, and justice for Ukrainians.

Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Hints to Not Join NATO Anytime Soon

Formerly, Mr. Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stated that his primacies in the negotiations are apparent. The end of Russia’s brutality in Ukraine, sovereignty, renewal of territorial oneness, security assurances, honest and genuine guarantees, and protection for Ukraine. Moreover, Zelenskyy said Sunday that if Ukraine were a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, Russia wouldn’t have attacked his country.

Mr. Zelenskyy also said he’d like to gain security assurances for his people and country. If members of NATO are willing to see them in the military alliance, then do it instantly. Because people are losing their lives daily, while also added that he was thankful for the military and economic support the Western military alliance has provided since the unprovoked incursion started on February 24.

However, last week, the President of Ukraine has imparted that he doesn’t anticipate Ukraine to become a NATO member anytime soon, something that has been a goal of his country. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization – an intergovernmental military alliance among 28 European and two North American countries, was established on April 4, 1949, in the aftermath of the Second World War. Its original purpose was to safeguard the freedom and security of its Allies from the Soviet Union-posed threat by political and military means.

Ukraine’s Zelenskyy says: ‘I’m Ready for Negotiations with Putin’
Ukraine’s Zelenskyy says: ‘I’m Ready for Negotiations with Putin’
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On Friday, the International Organization for Migration said that about 6.5M people had been displaced inside the besieged country, with nearly 3.2M people who have left Ukraine into neighboring European states. That accounts for roughly one-fourth of Ukraine’s 44.13M (according to 2000 statistics) population, who have been compelled from their residences.


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