United States to deploy Troops and Equipment to Saudi Arabia for Defense

US to deploy Troops and Equipment in Saudi Arabia for Defense purpose

On Friday, the U.S. announced that it would deploy further troops to Saudi Arabia and the UAE after the drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities while the U.S. blamed Iran for those attacks. Mark Esper, the Defense Secretary termed the attack as a dramatic escalation of the aggression of Iran while talking with the reporters. He added, the U.S. troops would have the defensive nature and mainly focused on missile and air defense because of the drone attacks on the oil facilities of Saudi Arabia. And Esper blames Iran that it was behind the attacks.

Furthermore, Esper said that at present, they focused on helping the Kingdom to improve their infrastructure of defense. The United States’ administration aims to send a straight message that the U.S. always supports its allies in the region. Also, it will defend the open flow of commerce through the Persian Gulf as well as validate its commitment to the international order based on rules. Esper said that as Trump made clear that the U.S. does not want conflict with Iran. He added, they have available several other options regarding military, should they indeed.

Latest Sanctions on Iran from the United States President Donald Trump

After the announcement of Donald Trump that he had deployed latest sanctions on two pillars of the economy of Iran, the central bank of Iran and its autonomous wealth fund, the Pentagon blamed officially on Tehran. Trump said while speaking in the Oval Office that it would easier for him to throw airstrikes, as few of Congressional Republicans and other hawks advocated. However, Trump announces his decision to take the harder way and gestured later that at the moment, he is not planning a direct military response.

United States to deploy Troops and Equipment to Saudi Arabia for Defense

Moreover, he said that he thinks the approach of an active person and the thing that does demonstrate strength would showing a small percentage of limitation. He was explaining the penalties that would apply to national bank of Iran as the highest-level sanctions. Since in May 2018, it left the Iran nuclear deal and the administration of Trump ramping up the penalties at economic level as part of its campaign of extreme pressure to bring Tehran to the table of negotiation. Trump pointed to the impact of the campaign on Friday.

Iran is going to hell – Trump

Trump said that Iran is going to hell. It’s too evil what happened to Iran, and it is going to hell, doing badly, they were broke practically. But they could solve the issue very comfortably. Trump added all they need to do to stop with the terror. Trump announces while he arranged to have a meeting with his national security council to consider options for answering to the attack. Those attacks, according to the officials of the United States, launched by drone and cruise missiles and affected the five percent of the global oil supplies.

Whereas Iran denied to take the responsibility of attacks, but Yemen’s Houthi rebels already engaged with Saudi Arabia in a war accepted the responsibility of the attacks. However, the officials of the United States refused to accept the Houthi rebels’ claim and insisted that attacks launched from the land of Iran. Still, the U.S. failed to show any type of evidence to back its claim.

Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary, expresses in a statement that the brazen attack of Iran against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is unbearable and unacceptable. In another statement about the new Iran sanctions that it targeted the Central Bank of Iran for giving billions of dollars to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, its terrorist proxy, Hizballah and its Qods Force. The action of Treasury Secretary targets critical funding machinery that the administration of Iran uses to back its terrorist networks like Hizballah, the Qods Force and some other militants that destabilize the region and spread terror.

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