Ukraine Crisis: President Biden Accepts “in principle” to Meet with Russia’s Putin

US President Biden has agreed ‘in principle’ to a Marcon-brokered meeting with Russia's Vladimir Putin to discuss the Ukraine crisis.

Ukraine Crisis: President Biden Accepts “in principle” to Meet with Russia’s Putin

The White House said late Sunday that Joe Biden, the U.S. President, has agreed ‘in principle’ to a Marcon-brokered meeting with Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, to discuss the tensions over the post-Soviet country of Ukraine. However, the Summit talks proposed by Paris will only take place if Moscow doesn’t attack its neighbor.

According to Jen Psaki, the U.S. Press Secretary, the Summit would occur after Russian Foreign Minister Sergev Lavrov and US State Secretary Antony Blinken meet on 24th February. Psaki said late Sunday that they’re always prepared for diplomacy. However, they’re also prepared to impose quick and harsh sanctions should Moscow instead choose war. Moreover, at present, the Kremlin appears to be continuing measures for a large-scale attack on its neighbor soon. American officials say intelligence proposes Mr. Vladimir Putin is prepared to launch an armed operation, which Russia rebuffs.

President Biden has agreed to a meeting with Putin in what could represent a last-ditch attempt at diplomacy crisis surrounding the East European country and likely avenue to prevent a looming Moscow’s invasion.

The meeting proposal was proclaimed by France after a couple of phone-calls between the Presidents of Russia and France, which continued for about 3-hours altogether. The second exchange happened in the early hours of Monday (Moscow Time) and followed a fifteen-minute talk French leader had with the American leader.

Russia’s Putin Blamed Ukraine Military for Crisis

The President Biden government estimations say Moscow had accumulated nearly 190000 military personnel along the Ukrainian border, including Russian separatist forces in Donbass. Maxar Technologies, Westminster, Colorado-based space technology company, said the latest satellite images showed several new field stationing of forces and armored equipment from the Russian military close to the Ukrainian border, showing strengthened military preparedness.

The threat of an attack by Moscow has kept world markets on edge for the majority of the last weeks, with oil prices rising and equities volatile. The broad S&P 500, which tracks the equity performance of the biggest American firms, is down 3.69 percent in February, while the NASDAQ Composite has shed 4.8 percent. West Texas crude oil futures have increased 4.2 percent over the last month.

According to the French President’s Office, Putin accepted the need to prioritize a diplomatic way to the crisis. It stated intense work would be carried out to enable talks in the following few hours aiming for an end of hostilities. However, the Kremlin stated Vladimir Putin blamed the Ukrainian Armed Force for the crisis boom. The former Soviet Republic has rebuffed this, saying Russia is engaged in an incitement drive to create a cause for intervention.

Ukraine Crisis: President Biden Accepts “in principle” to Meet with Russia’s Putin
Ukraine Crisis: President Biden Accepts “in principle” to Meet with Russia’s Putin
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Earlier, Moscow proclaimed the extension of the military exercise in the East European landlocked country of Belarus, where thirty thousand Russian military personnel are positioned. A Belarusian declaration blamed the worsening of the circumstances in the Eastern region of Ukraine as one of the reasons for extending the drills.


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