Sen. Grassley Released FBI Report Against Biden

A GOP Sen. E. Grassley released an FBI report expressing the allegation put on US President Joe Biden and his son for accepting a bribe from a Ukrainian company, Burisma.

Sen. Grassley Released FBI Report Against Biden

Charles E. Grassley, a Republican, released an FBI report expressing the allegation put on US President Joe Biden and his son for accepting bribe from a Ukrainian company, Burisma. Grassley is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He says American people can now read this document themselves. The released document is a June 2020 internal FBI report explaining the claims by a foreign informant. There is no witness to prove these allegations of Biden receiving money from a Ukrainian firm. Senior Congressional Republican has announced the allegations put on Biden were unverified. The memo claims that a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, hired President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, in 2013 to get support from his father. Biden was Vice President then.

The allegations also include Burisma company paying two payments of $5 million each to “the Bidens” as part of its efforts to remove Ukrainian Prosecutor General at the time, Viktor Shokin. It also includes that there are recordings of Joe Biden and his son, which support the whole story. The informer told the FBI he got all those details during his talks with Burisma’s chief executive and other company officers in 2015 or 2016. Vice President Biden publicly expressed that Mr. Shokin was removed as the Obama administration and other US allies were concerned that Shokin’s efforts were insufficient to eliminate corruption in Ukraine.

Mr. Grassley said he got a little altered copy of the memo from a “whistleblower” from the Justice Department and then decided to release them publicly. Mr. Grassley and other Republicans said the FBI believed the informant was highly credible, but the accuracy of the information passed could not be verified.

Sen. Grassley Released FBI Report Against Biden
Sen. Grassley Released FBI Report Against Biden
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House Launched a Series of Inquiries Against Biden Family

Grassley tweeted a copy of the memo on Thursday and said voters now could make their decisions themselves with no filters of politicians and bureaucrats. The release of this document is very unusual, and it can raise tensions between congressional Republicans and the FBI and Biden administration officials. Republicans got the majority in the House of Representatives(HR) after four years of Democratic control and launched a series of investigations against President Biden and his family.

The FBI document released is similar to allegations put by Biden’s political opponents in the last several years. Recent claims include former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who had frequently traveled to Ukraine to conduct his own investigations. Mr. Giuliani’s allegations against Biden became a focus of Mr. Trump’s first impeachment trial in 2019, which centers then White House president’s efforts to press Kyiv’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Mr. Zelenskyy was pressurized to announce the investigations of Biden’s relations with the Burisma company.

Attorney General Bill Barr, under then-President Trump, started the Justice Department inquiry into those allegations put on Biden in 2020. Bill Barr said he passed the case to a US attorney last month. Ian Sams, White House Spokesperson, stated that congressional Republicans, in their passion, have been going against President Biden, ignoring the truth and going with falsified claims. He further said that congressional Republicans have been practicing shameless and dishonest politics and barring the fact from appearing.


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