United States Approved Potential Arms sale to Taiwan

United States Approved Sale of Potential Arms to Taiwan

The administration of Trump gives the approval of selling Stinger missiles and Abrams tanks to Taiwan. Sale of key potential arms that restricted to irk Beijing and reached on the point as the management aims to negotiate a massive trade deal with China.

It informed Congress that the State Department of the US approved the sale of both potential arms including 250 Stinger missiles and 108 M1A2T Abrams tanks. Moreover, Taiwan requested both types of weapon equipment.

In March President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen stated that the weapons which her country demanded from the United States would critically enhance their air and land capabilities and build up the morale of the military. It also shows the whole world about the commitment of the United States towards the defense of Taiwan.

In a reaction to the approved deal, the Defense ministry of China said that Beijing openly opposed to the sales of United States arms to Taiwan along with the contact of the US military with Taiwan.

United States Approved Potential Arms sale to Taiwan

The cost of the tanks is over $2 billion whereas, the price of a portable surface to air Stinger missiles are about $223 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency of Pentagon said that the sale of tank reflects the United States national, security and economic interest to support the continuing efforts of Taiwan to modernize its military and to sustain the capability of credible defense. The US termed the reliable armed forces of Taiwan as a significant force for military balance, political stability, and economic progress in the region.

40-year-old Taiwan Relations Act

However, the United States long delivered arms to Taiwan that is part of the 40-year-old Relations Act of Taiwan, and China long chafed at those sales. Defense Intelligence Agency of Pentagon warned in a report in May that though China backs for peaceable unification with Taiwan, China never refused the military force use and continues to make and deploy advanced capabilities of military required for a potential campaign of the military.

Furthermore, the report warned that traditional military advantages of Taiwan over Beijing in the event of a cross-strait clash corroding in China’s military face modernization efforts. The report added, Taiwan enjoyed military benefits historically in the subject of a cross-Straight conflict like the superiority of technology and the island defense inherent geographic advantages. Modernization effort of China’s multi-decade negated or eroded several of these advantages.

It added, while Taiwan is taking essential moves to pay compensation for the rising disparities, these developments only partially address decreasing defensive advantages of Taiwan. The United States declared over $15 billion in sales of weapons to Taiwan since 2010.

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The United States also stuck in a prolonged trade dispute with China. American President, Trump stated reporters on Sunday that they are performing superbly with China that imposition of tariffs on Beijing backed the negotiations.


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