Biden conquer Missouri and Michigan Contests

Biden conquer the contests of Missouri and Michigan

Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States, took the victory in the key primary race of Michigan on Tuesday, while scoring wins elsewhere in the South and the Midwest, creating momentum for him from Super Tuesday one week ago. The Biden’s win made it difficult for Senator Bernie Sanders to come back in the Democratic presidential nominee contest.

The United States needs a president who has faith in sympathy and empathy as well as respect for everyone, instead of one bent on disruptiveness, Biden showed an effective tone as he talked to his supporters late Tuesday in Philadelphia. Biden said that the race remains for the contenders that left behind after all previous competitions. Several experts declared the Biden’s presidency as dead just some weeks ago.

Joe Biden recognizes that there is a positive way to go, but it seems as he may have another good night. The United States President, Donald Trump tweeted that Pocahontas, working in collaboration with the U.S. Democratic Party, completely ruined the Bernie Sanders’ campaign. If she withdraws her campaign three days earlier, Sanders might have a chance to beat Biden in the race.

Who will contest North Dakota or Washington state?

It’s too soon to judge who will contest Washington or North Dakota State, where ballots also closed now. With sixty-seven percent of precincts establishing in Washington state, both candidates locked at thirty-three percent each. However, Biden instantly claimed wins in Mississippi and Missouri on Tuesday night, along with the win in Michigan, the biggest victory of the night. Moreover, the Associated Press called the contest in Idaho for Biden after Tuesday midnight.

Biden conquer Missouri and Michigan Contests

Biden was fifty-three percent to thirty-eight percent up in Michigan with approximately eighty-six percent of precincts reporting – he scored even bigger margins in Missouri and Mississippi as shortly after midnight. With these three powerful victories alone, Biden was possibly to significantly mature his delegate lead over Sanders, even as the outcomes of the three other contests remain outstanding.

U.S. unchecked sexism, a hindrance for female presidential candidates – Sanders

The former presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, who supported Sanders back in 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections, endorsed Joe Biden live on-air Tuesday night after the results. He said he believed that Biden would be the ultimate nominee of the Democratic Party. Whereas, he always said that he would support anyone whoever the Democratic nominee. Justin Baragona also tweets that Andrew Yang, the present CNN political commentator endorses Biden for the presidential nominee.


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