Andy Hrovat Publicly Accused Michigan Doctor

Andy Hrovat make Public Accusations against late Michigan doctor

An Olympic wrestler, Andy Hrovat, said that something weird happens each time whenever he met a late athletic doctor of the University of Michigan about whom many former students said that he sexually abused them over four decades ago. Hrovat contested the Summer Olympics of 2018, and he said that Dr. Robert E. Anderson mistouched him during the medical examination in 1998.

He told a national Detroit news outlet during an interview that from his experience during his examination with Dr. Anderson, he freezes up because he already knows that something weir activity will happen. The administration of the university received a bulk of complaints when it created a hotline past week, influencing suspected victims to present themselves with claims against Anderson.

Moreover, Hrovat said that suspected inappropriate touching and fondling of Anderson disguised during the physical examination for unconcerned health or injuries rumored among several student-athletes and his former co-players. Anderson was a former athletic physician and ex-director of University Health Service, he served from 1968 to 2003, till his retirement.

Andy Hrovat Publicly Accused Michigan Doctor

Records took by the AP exposed officials of University of Michigan warned that over forty years before, Anderson touching patients during a medical examination, at times carrying out needless hernia, penis, prostate and rectal checks but continuously work at the school even he demoted in 1979 as a director after the accusations first surfaced. He went on to supposedly sexually abuse patients as a medical doctor with the athletic department of the school.

Death of Anderson

In 2008, Anderson passed away, whereas the university initiated an inquiry into the late doctor when an anonymous ex-wrestler wrote a letter to Warde Manuel, the current Athletic Director in 2018 specifying the oldest sexual abuse that supposedly occurred in 1975.

However, Hrovat is the first ex-Wolverine athlete to accuse Dr. Anderson publicly of wrongdoing, being signified by Michael Nimmo, the attorney, part of a Denver-based company that swore to inspect the claims of sexual abuse to the fullest extent.


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