Democratic Congressional leaders remain silent on Biden Sexual Assault allegations

Congressional Democrats remain quiet on Biden Sexual Assault blame

The leaders of the Democratic party in Congress continued to remain mum on Sunday on the sexual assault accusations against their presumptive presidential candidate Joe Biden, even as the annoyance over the allegations mounted from the more progressive wing of the party. Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, and Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, didn’t make any public remarks about the accusations by Tara Reade, a staffer for former vice president in 1993, that the then-senator from Delaware state sexually assailed her.

There is a fit of mounting anger from both liberal Democratic leaders and supporters of the #MeToo movement about the neglectable response from the leaders of Democrats toward the allegations on Biden. On Sunday, the #dropoutbiden was trending on the social media platform, Twitter – until it allegedly removed from it. Whereas, several supporters for Bernie Sanders, the former Democratic presidential primary, are calling on Joe Biden to suspend his presidential campaign.

Nick Brana, the former national outreach coordinator of Bernie Sanders, tweeted that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) should either force the former president to withdraw or admit their true purpose of the party is overwhelming progressives.

The Sexual Assault story of Reade

The story of Reade initially reemerged in an article in The Intercept, in which she sued that in 1993, a more senior member of the staff of Biden asked her to bring the then-senator Biden his gym bag nearby the Capitol building, that led to the happenstance in question. Biden greeted her and remembered her name. It was the strangest thing to be alone with the then-senator. Biden just had her up against the wall. Reade adds that she was wearing a business skirt, but she was wearing stockings, and the day was hot.

Democratic Congressional leaders remain silent on Biden Sexual Assault allegations

Joe Biden took lead over Trump in 2020 Elections

Reade accused that Biden first asked if she wanted to go any other place. But she pulled away, and he stopped what he was doing unethical. Biden said, come on, man, I perceived you liked me.

The campaign of Biden firmly denied the accusations of Reade, calling the claim regarding the supposed incident decades ago “false.” Communications director for Biden campaign and deputy campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield states that women have a right to tell their story, as well as reporters, have a responsibility to inspect those claims rigorously. His team encourages them to do so because these allegations are false.


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