New York Mayor De Blasio endorsed Bernie Sanders

NY City Mayor De Blasio endorsed Bernie Sanders

Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York City, endorses Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., for president instead of Michael Bloomberg, the predecessor of de Blasio. According to the campaign of Sanders, de Blasio would join the self-described socialist of a democrat in Nevada to supporters in a rally across the state ahead of Democratic conferences of next week.

De Blasio stated that he always stands with Bernie as he stands with working families. The citizen of New York already knows the damage caused by bigotry, racism and recklessness of Donald Trump. Moreover, Bernie is the contender to take him up and take him down.

He also said that he called for a progressive and bold agenda, and that clearly what Sanders campaigned for decades. De Blasio continued that he gratified to endorse a factual progressive leader who will fight for citizens of New York and other families all over the country.

New York Mayor De Blasio endorsed Bernie Sanders

In a tweet, Bernie Sanders said that he pleased to have the backing of a Mayor fighting and struggling daily to improve the lives of residents of New York.

De Blasio endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 Democratic presidential polls

Both men share the same positions on several progressive problems, such as criminal justice reform system, health care, and expanding inexpensive housing programs. De Blasio, the 2013 elected mayor of New York City, stopped his own election campaign for the Democratic nomination in 2019 September after fighting to gain power in the ballots. He endorsed Hillary Clinton instead of Sanders in the Democratic presidential election of 2016. However, he is the first previous candidate to supports Sanders this time around.

He starts backing Sanders as Bloomberg, who headed New York for about twelve years before de Blasio, risen in the elections and speed up many endorsements after investing huis own millions of dollars into the race. On the other hand, the campaign of Bloomberg just come under scrutiny over the stop-and-frisk policy of the NY Police Department, that criticizers suspiciously impacted societies of color while he served as mayor.

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However, other detractors accused Bloomberg of not doing enough work while serving to stem spreading income inequality. The United States President, Donald Trump called Bloomberg a mass of dead energy and a loser on Thursday on his official Twitter account.


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