Harris and Pence clash on COVID-19 pandemic

Harish and Pence clash on COVID-19 pandemic

A live television debate between the contenders for vice-president ahead of next month’s United States election faced severe clashes over the COVID-19 pandemic. Democratic Kamala Harris accused President Trump of the greatest failure of any U.S. presidential administration in history. Mike Pence, the Republican Vice-President, said that the Republican’s pandemic plan announced to plagiarism.

Joe Biden, the Democratic Presidential nominee, leads Donald Trump with twenty-six days to go to the general elections. Opinion polls indicate the U.S. Republican president is trailing by single digits in a handful of battlefield states that will decide the winner. It was a public discussion between two smooth communicators compared to the previous week’s aggressive battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which worsened into results and name-calling.

Pence didn’t interrupt as more as Trump last week, but when he did, Harris interjected. Indeed, the Wednesday viral moment that looked to make the most buzz. And it was a fly landing on the head of Pence and remaining there for some two minutes.

Main Talking point

In the ninety-minute discussion at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Kamala Harris accused Mike Pence and the president of intentionally misleading U.S. nationals about the deadliness of COVID-19. She said they knew, and they covered it up, and they had lost their right to re-election.

Mike Pence accused the Biden-Harris election campaign of copying the pandemic strategy of the White House, referring to a mistake that ended Biden’s 1987 ran for the U.S. presidency when he plagiarized a dialogue by then-British Labor leader Neil Kinnock. The moderator asked Harris whether she would take an approved coronavirus vaccine distributed ahead of the November election.

Kamala Harish and Pence Fight on COVID-19 Pandemic
Democratic Kamala Harris
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The fifty-five-year-old California senator said that she wouldn’t take a jab touted by Donald Trump without medical experts’ say-so. Pence, who leads the coronavirus task force of White House, responded: The fact that you continue to weaken public confidence in a coronavirus vaccine if the vaccine arises during the Trump administration, he thinks is unacceptable.

The plexiglass barriers differentiating the two speeches seated 3.6m (12 ft) apart stated a bright reminder of the coronavirus pandemic that killed over two lac U.S. nationals. Moreover, the U.S. president – who himself recovering health from the coronavirus – returned to the White House after staying three nights in the hospital, with his opinion poll numbers drooping.

On Wednesday, Trump announces that the contagious to the virus was a blessing from God that exposed him to experimental treatments he swore would become free for all nationals. The COVID-19 meanwhile spread through the White House’s West Wing, in addition to infecting figures inside the re-election campaign of the president and senior Pentagon officials.

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