Trump has to tweet to fight hard left Media – Devin Nunes

Trump has to Tweet to Fight Hard Left Media – Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes, the Ranking Member of House Intelligence Committee, R-Calif., criticized back at Democrats who criticize William Barr (the Attorney General) for his part in ex-associate of Donald Trump, Roger Stone’s penalizing and defended the Trump’s use of Twitter when he used the social media platform to gave remarks about the current criminal case.

Nunes says that what’s ongoing here with Barr, he thinks people must realize that Barr is washing out the muddle from not only the administration of Trump but also the confusion left with the overall Russia-gate fiasco. He added that taxpayers paid a huge amount of dollars to fund then-Special Counsel Mueller’s team that chased and tried to put the party into a status of eternal takeover against the U.S. President Trump.

The comments of Nunes came a few days after Barr himself openly swiped at American President, announcing Thursday that the tweets of Trump about the prosecutors of Justice Department and open cases make it possible for him to do his job.

Barr gave the comment while in an interview with a news channel few days after Justice Department overruled its prosecutors – who suggested in a law court filing that Stone be penalized to as more as 9 years in jail – and took the unusual move of falling the amount of prison time it would pursue. The department did not offer a revised number.

Barr himself is under criticism for the setback. Still, it was an extremely rare move for a member of the cabinet of President Donald Trump to criticize the president.

President should be Careful to comment on criminal investigation

Nunez said that, according to him, the attorney general clearly said that Trump should give remarks carefully about criminal investigations. An individual should not take as anything excluding but what the real fact, and Barr did not tell Trump to stop using Twitter because of the bitter fact that the ninety percent of the media hard left and majorly working for Democratic Party.

Earlier this week, Trump highly praised Barr on his official Twitter account to revert the recommendation of sentencing, he Congratulates him for taking the case charge. The case that was absolutely uncontrolled and possibly should not have even been taken.

Furthermore, Nunes added that he made an influential tool reaching millions of the citizens of the United States and well as millions of people all over the world. That’s the reason Trump has to tweet about the case. All at once, Attorney General Bill Barr has been able to do his responsibility.

Trump has to Tweet to Fight Hard Left Media – Devin Nunes

Nunes also says that it is reasonable that the president can frustrate and calls the dramatic arrest of Stone by federal agents as ridiculous. Devin Nunes gave credit to Barr for doing all he could with the resources to clear-out the DOJ and bring back the trust of the public in the institution.

Nunes explained that what the people of America need to understand that this might not go to clean up immediately. A lot of damage already done, and the remaining seemed as good at seeding people in. Just remember, the team of Muller was $40 million.

He adds that they have people within the Justice Department, bad cops in the FBI, and across the government. Everyone knows what difficulties the White House is dealing with all the survivors of Obama in the National Security Council (NSC).

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