Sanders left the 2020 Presidential Race, clearing Biden’s way

Sanders withdraw from 2020 Presidential Race, clearing Biden’s way

On Wednesday, Senator Bernie Sanders withdraw his Democratic presidential nomination, clearing the path of Joe Biden, former Vice President to the nomination and a contest with President Donald Trump in November. His campaign said Sanders made the announcement to end his campaign in a call with his staff. Moreover, the senator expresses in a live stream after a call that he wishes he could give better news to his supporters, but everyone knows the actual situation, and he is three hundred delegates behind Biden.

Therefore, while he is winning the ideological battle and also, he is winning the support of excessive young people as well as working people across the country. Still, he concluded that this battle for the Democratic presidential nomination would not be successful. That’s why he is announcing to suspend his campaign. The exit of Sanders caps a splendid reversal of fortune following an excellent performance in the first three U.S. states that voted in this February. On the last day of February, the vice president surged to took victory in South Carolina that begin the alliance of moderate voters around Biden.

Novel Coronavirus suspends the man-to-man campaign

Now, the contest ends as the United States continues to contend with the COVID-19 pandemic, which froze in-person presidential campaigning for both Biden and Sanders and insisted several states to delay their primary elections. According to Sanders, the decision to withdraw the nomination is not light for him, and it was a heartrending and difficult decision. He said during the past few weeks, Jane and he, after discussion with senior staff, and many of their top supporters made an honest evaluation of the prospects for victory. And they didn’t see the feasible path for the presidential nomination.

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Our movement won the ideological struggle Sanders

On Wednesday, Sanders said that everyone accepts that during the last five years, their movement won the ideological fight. It was not long ago that supporters considered these ideas fundamental and fringe. Nowadays, they are mainstream ideas. Several of them already executed in states and cities all over the country. But even the policies of Vermont senator grew more famous during the last few years, and into the primary election season, he struggled to extend his own support and spur a winning alliance. At present, as he did the same after leaving the primary of 2016, Sanders will pursue to influence the probable nominee via his best means – from the outside-in.

Sanders left the 2020 Presidential Race, clearing Biden’s way

Joe Biden already made signs toward the populist base of Sanders, which formed a movement during the last five years that may be difficult to defeat Trump in the 2020 fall. Whether Biden will take the essential steps to win over the November elections, and the level to which the former vice president goes to make the case, will be a successive subplot till the 2020 Election Day. The decision of Sanders to remain on the primary election to accumulate as several envoys as possible as part of an attempt, he said. On Wednesday morning, Biden and Sanders spoke with the Vermont senator telling the ex-vice president about his decision to withdraw from the presidential campaign, according to people knowing the call.

After the announcement of Sanders, Biden named the senator an influential voice for a reasonable and more just America in a statement. The impact of his campaign on the 2020 election is far from over. Also, he made an apparent call for the supporters of Sanders to join him. On Wednesday, Sanders acknowledged that some of his backers would upset by his exit.


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