Trump’s campaign demands CNN to apologize for a recent poll

Trump's campaign asks CNN to apologize for a recent poll

The campaign of Donald Trump, the President of the United States, demands CNN to withdraw and apologize for a recent poll that showed the lead of Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee against him. The demand from the Trump’s campaign, coming in the form of a cease and desist letter to Jeff Zucker, the President of CNN, contained various inappropriate and misleading claims that the network instantly rejected.

A spokesperson of CNN, Matt Dornic, said that they stand by their poll. SSRS conducted the CNN poll and released it on Monday that showed the President behind the former vice president by fourteen points, 55%-41%, among eligible voters. It also finds the Trump’s approval rating at thirty-eight percent – his poorest mark since January 2019 and approximately on par with approval ratings for one-term U.S. Presidents George H.W. Bush and jimmy Crater at this stage in their reelection years – and disapproval rating at fifty-seven percent.

CNN poll designed to mislead American voters – Trump campaign said

The Trump campaign argued in the letter to Zucker that through a biased opinion poll, the CNN designed to mislead the U.S. eligible voters. Jenna Ellis, the senior legal adviser of the Trump campaign, and Michael Glassner, the chief operating officer, signed the letter. It reads that it’s a deceptive poll and a stunt to cause voter conquest, smother momentum and eagerness for Trump, and present an untrue view generally of the real support across the country for the President.

The Trump’s campaign officially requested that CNN should retract the recent poll and share a comprehensive, fair, and noticeable retraction, do apologize and publish the clarification to correct its misleading conclusions. The general counsel and the executive vice president of CNN, David Vigilante, told the campaign that its demands and allegations rejected in their entirety.

Vigilante wrote in his response that according to his knowledge; this is form the first time in its forty-year history that the officials threatened it with legal action because a politician or his campaign did not like the polling results of CNN. To the extent, CNN received legal threats from politicians previously. Those threats come from countries such as Venezuela or other regimes where there is no respect for independent and free media.

Trump hired McLaughlin & Associates to analyze the survey

After the release of CNN poll earlier this week, the President of the United States announced in a tweet that he hired Associates and Republican investigator McLaughlin to analyze the CNN survey and others which he felt as fake and based on the incredible interest. According to FiveThirtyEight, McLaughlin considers as one of the slightest accurate investigators in the industry.

However, many other surveys released during the last few weeks – including polls by Fox News, Quinnipiac University, ABC News/Washington College, and NBC News/Wall Street Journal that also show Biden leading Trump. These published polls averaged with the poll of CNN, find the former vice president up by binary figures, a result well outside any margin error.

The campaign’s letter contains misleading claims

The letter of the campaign, which mainly quotes McLaughlin’s findings, makes many false and misleading claims. According to the letter citing the memo of McLaughlin from earlier this week, the poll was of 1259 adults – not even eligible voters, let alone possible voters. Whereas it’s accurate that the survey holder contacts them on cell phones and landlines for the survey with the help of a live interviewer, the fourteen-point margin by which the President is behind Biden came when asking from only 1125 eligible voters.

Trump's campaign demands CNN to apologize for a recent poll
Joe Biden addressing in Iowa. Source: Web

CNN mainly do public researchers, accurately reports results from possible voters around Labor Day. In the poll of CNN, the former vice president expands his lead over the President, such as extremely keen to vote. According to McLaughlin, the survey of CNN is a tilted anti-President poll of only twenty-five percent Republican. However, that percentage of defendants is consistent with many other notable polls that use live interviews on telephones, which provide a dependable snapshot of the poll.

This week McLaughlin argued that pollsters should include a 3rd of Republicans in polls to reflect the thirty-three percent that they represented in the last Presidential vote, but exit surveys almost always have more shares of supporters and fewer shares of independents than pre-election surveys. Among the overall sample, thirty-two percent identified themselves in the poll of CNN as Democrats, twenty-five percent described themselves as Republicans, and forty-four percent presented themselves as independents or belonging to other parties.

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