Boeing restarted production of 737 Max without fly approval

Boeing restarted 737 Max production without fly approval from FAA

Boeing is again building the 737 Max on Wednesday without the approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly again, as well as the demand of the jets near to die. The announcement from the company came on the same day when Boeing declared removing 6,770 workers from their jobs. Furthermore, 5,520 other workers took voluntary buyout offers.

The move of the airline to delay or cancel the delivery of new jets in the face of the crisis of the industry caused by the coronavirus pandemic forced Boeing to significantly decrease its production plans for at least the coming many years. Boeing continued to start the production of the Max, its best-selling jet, even after in March 2019, it grounded following two fatal crashes killing 346 people.

It built over four hundred of the jets that it was unable to deliver them before stopping production in January in the face of continuous delays in getting fly again approval. The company is now expecting approval in the middle of this year. Boeing provisionally halts the jet production in January, before the novel coronavirus pandemic hit most of the airlines of the world.

Airlines and aircraft leasing companies canceled orders for 737 Max amid COVID-19

Dave Calhoun, the CEO of Boeing, says that it is useless to assemble without the supply chain of the plane. Since the origin of the coronavirus pandemic that caused air trips to fall, aircraft and airline leasing firms canceled orders for two hundred and ninety-nine of the 737 Max. An additional 240 of the aircraft changed their order status, and Boeing no longer includes them as company orders.

Boeing restarted production of 737 Max without fly approval

Boeing still has firm orders over thirty-eight hundreds of the 737 Max on its books. And some of the worldwide airlines that pushed back the jet delivery due to the number of aircraft they grounded say they expect to take delivery of the 737 Max one day soon.

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