Starbucks Shuts Some Manhattan Stores Amid FBI warnings of Possible Protests
Starbucks Shuts Some Manhattan Stores Amid FBI warnings of Possible Protests Source: Web

Manhattan Starbucks temporarily closed select stores in the New York metropolitan area amid fears of violent protests in Trump’s final days, just before President-elect Biden’s inauguration. New Yorkers eager to buy a latte at Starbucks on Sunday will probably find their neighborhood stores shut.

A notice posted on the window of one place on the Upper West Side said the store is temporarily shut. The sign says to accept the apologies for any inconvenience. Moreover, Starbucks is working to re-open its coffee-store as early as possible.

A slew of posts on the Twitter and the firm’s online store locator shows the closures are extensive.

TheUS Capitol riot on January 6 disturbed the nation, but even more disturbing was the news from the FBI that there have been measurable debates on social of further planned violent protests.

The coffee-stores will take closure in a wholly precautionary way as states across the country have geared up for more protests. One informant said to be informed at his local Starbucks on 75th and Broadway by the manager and baristas that “ALL Starbucks locations” south of 110th Street will be closed because of planned armed protests that might happen around the city. Moreover, they received comparable tips about the stores at 88th and Broadway and 81st and Columbus. The corporate office didn’t respond to a request for the statement.

However, on Sunday, there have been warnings of possible protests in various states. But the reports about those warnings have not given precise information as to the protests’ location. In some states, the capitol buildings could be on target. The NYPD (New York Police Department) is on alert in the days ahead of Biden’s inauguration.

The NYPD on Alert for Any Violent Protests on Inauguration Day

The governors in several US states closed their state Capitols for safety purposes, hoping to avoid similar events. Moreover, businesses have started to take extra safety measures to avoid repeating the 2020-protests against police brutality that saw New York City businesses looted and destroyed.

A Starbucks spokesperson confirmed a local leaders’ decision to FOX Business that select Manhattan locations have closed.

The NYPD stated to FOX Business that planned protests for Sunday are not on a level that would warrant closing down businesses. An NYPD spokesperson said that they have no idea that protests are going to be massive or disorderly. Moreover, he does not know why Starbucks would be closing down their businesses. Another NYPD official confirmed that the force would maintain a robust presence at Trump-affiliated locations, including Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

An NYPD senior official said in a statement that New York City police are ready for protests that may happen on Biden’s Inauguration Day. After the inauguration, they will review their security perspective.

A retired NYPD-detective Michael Lollo that he is continuously preparing and anticipating. He served NYPD for 21 years and worked in the threat assessment and protection intelligence unit, part of the Intelligence Bureau.

Starbucks Shuts Some Manhattan Stores Amid FBI warnings of Possible Protests
Starbucks Shuts Some Manhattan Stores Amid FBI warnings of Possible Protests
Source: Web

Michael Lollo says the police department’s reaction following terrorist outbreaks across the US and world is to place more officers around the city, including to potential terrorist marks. New Yorkers can also assume that in the days leading up to the inauguration, including January 20 (Inauguration Day). Mr. Lollo also explained the department is a small army.

He claimed that the ability to have 35000 plus police officers is a massive benefit that New York City has where other municipalities do not have that size.


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