Retail stores to reopen their businesses on Friday – Newsom

Retail stores to reopen their businesses on Friday – California Governor

Gavin Newsome, the Governor of California announced on Monday that some selective retail shops in the state can reopen their businesses on Friday as part of phased exit from the social distancing guidelines intended to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Shops, including bookstores, clothing stores, and florists will have permission to offer curbside pickup services on Friday, according to the Democratic governor.

Whereas the officials will release the guidelines for reopening the shops on Thursday, and these businesses must have to endure their implementation to carry on their activities. Newsom said while announcing to ease the businesses, millions of citizens living in California welcomed and followed the stay-at-home request from the administration, and he thanked them for their support. He adds that the state is in a position to start moving into the next phase of modifying the stay home orders.

During the process of reopening the state, try to stay alert with zero chance of mistake

But make sure no mistake, because the virus is still there, which is dangerous and poses a noteworthy health risk for the public. All reopening of the businesses in the state will relate to thorough investigation and observation. However, Newsom noted that they would allow a few of the counties to move one further step into the reopening process if health officials and supervisors allow them.

The announcement comes from the California Governor as some states of the United States planned to reopen businesses while other gathering spots in phases. On the other hand, the public health officials repetitively warned the risk of relaxing the social distancing guidelines too soon.

Retail stores to reopen their businesses on Friday – Newsom

Health experts mainly agree that to control the pandemic without strict social distancing measures, sates’ administration across the country needs to increase the size of extra testing as well as contact tracing. That process of finding new coronavirus cases and quarantining all those people infected by newly identified cases would be necessary for the return towards a normal life.

Tracing Army

Newsom announced his plan to introduce a “tracing army” in his state – a training session led by the University of California San Francisco and the University of California Los Angeles that will train the team on how to trace and track the pandemic through the virtual academy. Each trainee will go through twenty hours of training, twelve hours online, and eight hours physically.

Almost three thousand people registered themselves as tracers until now and set to start their first training session, which will online on Wednesday. In the first phase, the universities will train around ten thousand people with a goal of reaching twenty thousand tracers.

The officials allowed the beaches in the cities of San Clemente and Laguna Beach to reopen on restricted guidelines, Newsom announced on Monday. The announcement comes after his last week’s order to close all Orange County beaches after huge crowds gathered to the sand.

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