Bitcoin to touch $9,000 and attain Highest Level of Year

Bitcoin to touch $9,000 and hit the Highest Level of Year

Bitcoin rushed to about $9,000 with the highest value in the present year. According to the Coindesk’s Bitcoin Price Index, the cryptocurrency price touches high-value of $8,937.25. Bitcoin Price Index of Coindesk is responsible for tracking the cryptocurrency across many exchanges. Furthermore, this was the peak level since its May 11, 20188 high intraday value.

On Monday, near about 9:50 am HK/SIN, bitcoin moved up more than 9% in the last 24 hours and was trading near $8,788.87. The digital currency saw a renewal of interest during the previous few weeks, and its worth is up higher than 140% so far in the current year.

There is a noticeable increase in leading organizations experimenting or bringing out digital currency-related products. Such as HTC, the phone maker company of Taiwan release a phone to focus on helping the public to store their coins. On the other side, Facebook, the social media website, is working on launching its own cryptocurrency.

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Meanwhile, Fidelity started a new company to assist institutional investors’ trade digital currency. However, other digital currencies were also at a high level on Monday. The second largest cryptocurrency by value, Ethereum was up more than 7% from one day before at about 9:50 am HK/SIN. Still, Bitcoin is wealthy of its record high of above $19,000 during 2017 when a purchasing frenzy from retail investors sent digital currency prices soaring.


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