Dr. Scott Atlas resigns from White House Coronavirus Task Force

Dr. Scott Atlas resigns from Trump's Coronavirus Task Force

One of the White House’s COVID-19 task force’s highly controversial allies, Dr. Scott Atlas, resigned from his designation from the President Donald Trump administration.

One of the sources close to the matter described to the media outlet, CNN, that Dr. Scott Atlas pushed his resignation letter to Donald Trump on Monday.  Moreover, as a superior government worker, Dr. Scott Atlas had acquired 130 days window in which through which Atlas could serve, and technically this window was getting near this week.

Later Monday, Dr. Scott Atlas took Twitter and shared his resignation letter from his official account. In the letter, he said that his advice always highlighted and focused on decreasing all the troubles and harms from the pandemic Coronavirus and the structural strategies themselves, particularly to the working class and the poor.

Dr. Scott continued, mentioning the upcoming COVID-19 team of the President-elect Joe Biden, that he sincerely wishes the new Coronavirus team all the best as they control the country through these trying, polarized phases.

On Monday, Dr. Scott Atlas made his appearance on a media outlet, Fox News, to celebrate remarks from the Democratic governor of New York and Dr. Anthony Fauci about resuming the education system in the state, just a few moments after the declaration of his departure.

Dr. Scott Declined to comment on his resignation

Dr. Scott Atlas didn’t give any remark on his resignation, and he wasn’t even asked by Tucker Carlson, the Fox News anchor, who explained it as being in a usual course of events.

Dr. Scott Atlas resigns from White House Coronavirus Task Force
Dr. Scott Atlas resigns from White House Coronavirus Task Force
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The White House didn’t quickly react to a request for the comment from a journalist. On Monday, a familiar source to the COVID-19 task force described to CNN that Dr. Scott’s departure arrives as welcome news, as Atlas disgraced theories would no longer get an appropriate place at the table. Furthermore, another official described that the coronavirus task force remains complete after Dr. Scott’s departure.

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