Australian scientists discover a drug “Ivermectin” to kill COVID-19 cells

Anti lice drug Ivermectin can kill novel Coronavirus cells within 48 hours

Finally, the scientists of Melbourne, Australia, found a drug to kill the novel coronavirus cells within just forty-eight hours while tested it in the lab. COVID-19, a symbol of fear and death, which engulfed the whole world from the last few months, will now be cured with simple drug use to kill head lice. A study at Monash University shown that only a single dose of Ivermectin, a drug for head lice, could stop the COVID-19 cells from growing.

Dr. Kylie Wagstaff at Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute said on Friday that his team found that even a single dose of the drug could really remove all genetic material of the virus from the human body within just 48 hours. Even 24 hours after the dose, they noted a notable reduction in virus production. However, it’s unknown how Ivermectin works to kill the virus; it likely breaks the COVID-19 dampening in the ability of the host cells to clear it.

The next step for Scientist to determine the correct dose for humans

The next phase for scientists is to find the exact dosage for humans, i-e, to make sure the exact safe level of the drug in vitro for humans. Dr. Wagstaff adds that when we have a worldwide coronavirus pandemic, and there is no official treatment comes in the market to combat it. And then, in the case, we had a drug compound that already readily available across the world, it might help the health officials and COVID-19 patients sooner.

Australian scientists discover a drug “Ivermectin” to kill COVID-19 cells

Credibly it is going to be a while before an authentic anti-coronavirus vaccine is broadly available around the globe. Scientists expect that it might be a minimum one month before human trials. Before Ivermectin used to kill the pandemic, it needs massive funding for pre-clinical testing as well as clinical trials. Ivermectin is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an anti-parasitic drug that is also effective in vitro against viruses, including influenza, dengue, and HIV.

The study is the mutual work of Peter Doherty Institute of Infection & Immunity and Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute. The findings of the study on the coronavirus treatment published in Antiviral Research.

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