Facebook removes Trump ads for breaching its hate policy

Facebook removes Trump ads for violating its hate policy

On Thursday, Facebook said that it took action against the re-election campaign ads of President Donald Trump for violating its policy against organized hate. The ads, which attacked what the President campaign described as Dangerous MOBS of far-left groups, contained an upturned triangle.

According to the Anti-Definition League, the triangle is almost similar to the triangle of the Nazi regime to categorize political prisoners in awareness camps. A spokesman of Facebook, Andy Stone told CNN Business that they removed the posts as well as ads of Trump for violating their policy against organized hate.

Facebook removes Trump ads for violating its hate policy
the red triangle symbol. Source: Web

The policy of Facebook bars using a banned hate symbol of the group to recognize political prisoners without the background that discusses or condemns the symbol. Moreover, the tech giant confirmed the name of the referring group as Nazis in its statement and it said that the ads of the Trump campaign targeted the far-left group Antifa, calling on President supporters to support his calls to label the group a terrorist organization.

Antifa mostly used the red triangle symbol

The campaign of the American President claimed that the symbol of the red triangle mainly used by Antifa while replying to criticism of the ad. The re-election campaign pointed CNN Business to numerous links to sticker, poster and magnet websites that sell illegal products from their users that contains the symbol. It didn’t mention any examples of the Antifa campaigners wearing the symbol.

On Thursday, the ADL said that some activists of Antifa used the red triangle symbol but not by every activist. According to the political ad library of Facebook, a set of ads containing the offending symbol started displaying on Wednesday on official Facebook pages of Donald Trump, Vice-Presidents Mike Pence, and also on the Team Trump campaign page. Whereas, according to the statistics of Facebook, the paid ad seen around ten lac times in feeds of Facebook users on Trump’s page alone.

The director of communications for the Trump Campaign Statement

The director of communications for the presidential campaign, Tim Murtaugh, insisted in a statement that Antifa used the red triangle symbol. Murtaugh added that they would note that Facebook still using the inverted red triangle emoji, with the same appearance. Therefore, it’s curious that Facebook will only target this ad. He said that the database of the Anti-Defamation League didn’t contain the symbols of hate.

The Anti-Defamation League pointed out that while responding to that defense, its database never contains a database of historical Nazi symbols, instead commonly used symbols by a modern extremist in the United States. The removal of Trump’s add from Facebook might worsen tensions between the White House and Silicon Valley.

Last month, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, criticized for not taking action against the post of Trump that said looting leads to shooting after racial unrest all over the country. Twitter highlighted the same post, Donald Trump, on its platform as glorifying violence.


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