Fastest Bullet Train of the World Tested by Japan

Japan Tests the Fastest ever Bullet Train of the World

In the speedy world here is another innovation that Japan tests fastest ever bullet train of the world which is capable of reaching 249 mph (400 Km/hr.) And it carries on to develop the travel revolutionary mode. The ALFA-X version of the Shinkansen train starts three years’ worth of test runs on Friday. Once it begins operation sometime nearby 2030, quickly making it the fastest bullet train of the world.

It will also overtake Fuxing train of China which has ten kph slower speed despite designed with the capabilities of the same top speed as the ALFA-X. The bullet train has a revolutionary design featuring the ten cars along with a long pointed nose. It will test on the line between the cities Aomori and Sendai that is almost 280 kilometers apart. A further test will run after midnight when the rout is quiet & bright, and they will do the tests twice in a week.

The ALFA-X records a new growth stage for the Shinkansen, insisting the world-famous high-speed rail service even quick towards the future. The test debut of fastest bullet train comes as new high-speed Shinkansen N700S of Japan continues tests that start just before a year. That model will start its operations in 2020; however, its maximum speeds of 300 kph is equal to the other N700 series trains that will easily be exceeded by the ALFA-X.

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The flood of latest models coincides with preparations of Japan to host the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo. It is not the matter, how much the train achieve the speeds during its test runs, it won’t able to match the Japan Railway’s magnetic levitation record-breaking pace or maglev, the train that hit 603 kilometers per hour (374 mph) on an experimental run in 2015.


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