First 5G Phone of Samsung hit the Market

First 5G Samsung Smartphone Galaxy S10 Launched

First ever 5G Samsung phone launched for the Verizon customers. Moreover, it is for the first time that any smartphone can access 5G deprived of an attachment in the United States. Today is a big day for the wireless internet connectivity future. The Galaxy S10 5G smartphone is now in the market with a price of $1300 for the customers of Verizon in Minneapolis and Chicago. When customers move from these two cities, the 5G smartphone will still continue to work on 4G LTE network of Verizon.

In the coming months, the smartphone will unveil in other cities on Verizon and give its services by collaborating with other carriers like AT&T and Sprint that owns CNN’s parent organization. 5G is the latest and super-fast iteration of wireless technology, and it is an expectation that it allows things such as better video streaming along with the technical advancements like connecting self-driving cars.

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Still, the networks are very limited; however, this current phone is a significant move towards a bigger roll out. The launch will probably help carriers test their service and make the foundation for 5G devices future iterations.

Features of Galaxy S10 5G

The smartphone has a 6.7-inch display, and there are six camera lenses with a dual front camera with a 3D-depth lens to tackle things such as augmented reality. The smartphone is available in two storage options, 256GB and 512GB. There are two colors available for the users’ i-e black or silver. The price of Galaxy S10 5G is about $1300 for Verizon customers, and they can hitch it for half price half for a limited time on the website of Verizon and its stores.

At the launch of moto z3 smartphone, Verizon considered as the first carrier to offer a 5G compatible phone. Whereas, moto z3 needed an accessory that attached to the back of the phone to access the 5G network.

Store representative of Verizon in Minneapolis and Chicago confirmed the 5G device is for sale at their sites. After the first 5G smartphone release, Samsung gets a running start ahead of Apple that not expected to launch a 5G iPhone till the last quarter of 2020.


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