Boris Johnson Talks To Biden In First Phone Call Since US Presidential Inauguration

Boris Johnson Talks To Biden In First Phone Call Since Inauguration

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spoken to President Joe Biden for the first time since the new inauguration.

Boris Johnson took to Twitter, mentioning his intention to deepening the longstanding alliance between the US and the UK as they drove a justifiable recovery from coronavirus.

The UK PM congratulated Joe Biden and Harris on being sworn in as president and vice-president, respectively, in a ceremony in Washington DC on Wednesday. The British Prime Minister declared their inauguration was a step forward for the United States. Boris Johnson said that it was a big moment for the US and the UK and their typical joint plan.

Joe Biden decides to Rejoin WHO and Paris Climate Agreement

A Downing Street spokesman added that Johnson cordially welcomed Biden’s decision to rejoin the WHO and Paris Climate Agreement. However, Biden’s predecessor, Mr. Donald Trump, abandoned both previously. Moreover, he said that Johnson admired Biden’s first action on handling climate changes vowing to reach net-zero around mid-century.

The spokesman further stated that, in building on the two countries’ long history of collaboration in defense and security, the leaders committed to the NATO alliance and their shared values in supporting human-rights and defending democracy. Both leaders also communicated about the benefits of a potential free US-UK trade deal. PM Johnson restated his intention to resolve prevailing trade issues very soon.

The spokesman added up that Johnson and Biden both anticipated to meet personally once the favorable conditions reached. Moreover, the leaders intended to work together during the upcoming G20, G7, and COP26 summits.

White House stated that Biden also intended to reinforce the special relationship between both nations and revitalize long-haul ties.

Laura Kuenssberg (BBC’s political editor) has said the Biden’s Presidency brings some expectation to administration because Number 10 believes that there is a lot of overlap between what the leaders want to do.

The American president has previously stated that he doesn’t want a guarded-border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland following Brexit. Moreover, any US-UK post-Brexit trade-deal had to be dependent on respect for the Belfast Agreement.

Boris Johnson Talks To Biden In First Phone Call Since Inauguration
Boris Johnson Talks To Biden In First Phone Call Since Inauguration
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Biden said that it had taken a lot of effort to settle on the island of Ireland, ending decades of dispute. The UK administration has endangered to overrule the Brexit withdrawal agreement, which pledged it to keep the border open. President Joe Biden has earlier stated that Brexit must not threaten the peace process.

Mr. Johnson and Mr. Biden never chanced to meet in real life. However, the new American president once referred to Johnson as a physical and emotional replica of Donald Trump.

After winning the 2020 presidential election, Mr. Biden phoned Mr. Johnson ahead of other European leaders and expressed his desire to strengthen the two nations’ historic special relationship.


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