First Retail Store of Microsoft inaugurated in Europe

Microsoft's First Retail Store inaugurated in Europe

Microsoft will open its first-ever retail store on Tuesday in Europe as the tech giant aimed to boost up its physical occurrence and to compete with other tech firms that are offering exclusive in-store experiences for customers.

The store of Microsoft will be situated on Oxford Circus in the center of the famous shopping district of London, just below the street from flagship Regent Street location of Apple. The size of Microsoft’s store is about 21,932 square foot.

After Sydney and New York City, London will be the 3rd flagship destination of the Microsoft. Chris Capossela, CMO of Microsoft expressed in an interview that this is their first foray into Europe and they could not feel more satisfied to be in London.

Microsoft now stands among one of those tech firms that are increasing their physical presence to accompaniment online sales. Moreover, Amazon is making plans to built-up over 3,000 cashier-less grocery stores until 2021. Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant stated that by the end of this year, it has plans to triple its European stores.

CEO of a research organization Retail Economics, Richard Lim stated that tech giants seemed to generate loyalty and buzz in their brands by giving offers of new in-store experiences for their customers. Lim said that key locations like Oxford Street, having sustainable football levels, where the experience is much higher than retail, is one of the main ingredients for rapid success.

What can one interact within the Microsoft retail Store?

There will be an Xbox gaming room in the three-floor store of Microsoft retail store, a modified McLaren, meeting rooms for enterprise clients as well as a digital classroom where students and learners can practice their coding.

First Retail Store of Microsoft inaugurated in Europe

CEO of UK Microsoft, Cindy Rose said that their retail store attracts the general customers along with the more targeted customers of the company like gamers and business. Furthermore, Microsoft’s Surface tablets and computers will also present in the retail store that helped the company to mature its hardware business. According to the company officials, the Surface devices sales increased by 21% year-on-year during the last quarter.

Capossela said that he thinks that the Surface hardware will be going to be a huge seller. He added, there is no doubt that a retail store is actually very feasible for selecting physical products, and that is why they inaugurated their store in Europe.

The opening of a store puts Microsoft in an exceptional group of companies that are able to afford the growing business with the physical appearance in the United Kingdom.

How Many Retail Stores affected due to E-stores

According to PwC research, in 2018, a record 2,481 retail stores closed from the top 500 high streets of Britain because the consumers adopted to change the way of their shopping with online shopping instead of physically shopping.

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Lim, the Retail Economics said that because of the closing of several stores from here and there of high streets across the United Kingdom, online sales gradually increase.


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