Microsoft Online Store Resumed Huawei Laptop Sales

Sales of Huawei Laptop Resumed at Microsoft Online Store

On 17th of June 2019, Microsoft announced that it resumed the Huawei Laptops sales on its e-store website after a long period of a gap. The actions reveal the evolving dynamic for the companies of the United States that done business with Chinese based Huawei that caught in the middle of rising China-US trade war.

The present move of Microsoft is a symbol of cooperation with Huawei that makes heavy Windows revenue that is still central for the business of Microsoft regardless of its current focus on the cloud computing products. The previous month, an agency of government restricted how the companies of the United States could sell the products to Huawei and presently after that supply device of Microsoft such as the MateBook X Pro vanished.

After that, the company eased restrictions for ninety days, proceed to changes in the approach Google would do business with Huawei during that time. Once again, Huawei Matebook laptops are available for sale on the Microsoft online store.

Microsoft spokesman said that it would continue to send the software updates to the devices of Huawei that people already own before the American president ban. They remain loyal to giving exceptional customer experiences. The initial evaluation of the decision of the United States Department of Commerce on Huawei indicated they possibly would continue to deliver Microsoft software updates to its customers using the devices of Huawei.

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The Huawei releases its statement after the announcement of Huawei that it might manage to have its own operating system for Huawei laptops in a short time period. Microsoft receives revenue when different companies pay it for Windows licenses for their manufactured devices. Revenue from these customers was more than 9% in recent years. During that time, Windows represented 16% of overall revenue. During the last few weeks, other companies of the United States have cut their revenue forecasts for the reason they want to sell less to the Chinese tech giant, Huawei.


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