Google to Open Cloud Region in Poland

Google to Open Cloud Hub in Poland aims to Expand Cloud Infrastructure

On Friday, Google announced that it would open its new cloud-hub in Poland as the technology giant grabs on increasing sales crosswise Europe. The announcement highlights the cloud ambitions of Google Cloud to expand its cloud infrastructure all over the European region. Thomas Kurian, the CEO of Google Cloud, said during an interview that Europe is a large region for the business. Kurian says they are in fact growing quicker in terms of people. At present, Google Cloud operates twenty regions across the world in which six are in Europe.

The organization, announced its new site in Warsaw, Poland on Friday and it helps its customers in eastern and central Europe to get benefit from its cloud services. Cloud hubs include infrastructure such as data centers. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to save and access data, software, and apps over the internet, rather than locally on a server or a hard drive. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, announces last week that the firm is investing $3.3 billion to extend its data centers in Europe during the next two years.

Google to Open Cloud Region in Poland

Kurian, who took over the designation of chief executive of Google’s cloud business last year said that the firm had too much confidence about its growth across Europe. Furthermore, he pointed to huge consumer demand for cloud services in sectors such as banking, adding central banks in the Europe region see cloud as enabler else than a cause of risk. He said European people start adopting cloud service. However, in some areas, there was a hesitancy in adopting the cloud. According to him, now those people recognize the value that the cloud can deliver.

Other giant Cloud Services

Else than Google Cloud, there are also other gigantic cloud service providers. The two major cloud services providers such as Microsoft and Amazon, also been expanding their frame in Europe. Whereas tech giant of China, Alibaba launched new data centers in Germany and the United Kingdom. According to research from IDC, Western Europe represents one-fifth of the world cloud market.

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