Huawei make over 50 Contracts for 5G regardless of U.S. Pressure

Huawei do over 50 Contracts for 5G in spite of U.S. Pressure

Huawei made over fifty commercial contracts of 5G world widely as the tech giant of China continues to do agreements with carriers global instead ban from some main markets and facing continued pressure from the United States. 5G is the next-generation mobile network that is capable of super-fast data transfer speeds and has the capability to support the technology of the driverless car.

According to the firm’s current openly shared contract numbers, the Huawei latest announcement puts it ahead from its rivals like Ericsson and Nokia. These two companies did not respond immediately to the most recent figures. However, Nokia said in July that it had forty-five commercial 5G deals whereas the latest published number of Ericsson was twenty-four.

Huawei focusing on showing that it is still able to score agreements with leading mobile carriers regardless of it effectively ban from the 5G rollout in giant markets such as Australia and Japan. Meanwhile, the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump reportedly pushing the U.S. allies to retain Huawei out from their rollout plans of 5G. The U.S. and Poland signed an agreement on Monday to create sterner guidelines for organizations planning to become part of the 5G latter plans. Both sides agreed to look into either a provider subject to regulate by a foreign government. Huawei not openly entitled.

The dispute of Huawei with the United States

The United States blamed that Huawei is a security risk for its country because according to it, the company is building backdoors into U.S. networking equipment to allow the government of China to spy on Americans. On the other side, Huawei repetitively denied all the allegation of the United States.

One of Huawei’s board directors, William Xu said that the 5G products of 5G are world-leading as well as the top level of maturity in terms of commercialization. Whereas, Huawei has plans to develop its 5G tech continuously steadily.

Huawei make over 50 Contracts for 5G regardless of U.S. Pressure

At this time, Europe becomes a strategic battleground with a number of countries still evaluating their positions on Huawei. For example, Germany yet not banned Huawei, whereas the United Kingdom still on the grounds to make a decision. One of the biggest mobile networks of Britain, EE even expressed it will continue to work with Huawei on the rollout of 5G. When asked Xu that if a United Kingdom prohibition might make other countries in Europe to change their mind about Huawei, he responded with no worries. He added they do not concerned about it for the reason that a smooth execution with EE will play a model role.

Vigorous and Steady behavior of Huawei

Huawei relatively remained robust during the disputes with the United States and stated that the 2019 first-half revenue surges 23% year-on-year. Though it faces several headwinds which also includes its presence on the Entity List of the United States that restricts the U.S. companies from doing trade with Huawei. The United States gave a provisional reprieve, whereas the effects of the blacklisting will felt in the upcoming smartphone of Huawei, Mate 30. Next month Huawei will introduce its new flagship smartphone, but in international markets, it may not come comprising of Google services and apps.

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