It will Cost $20 to $30 billion for Moon Landing – NASA

It will Cost $20 to $30 billion for Landing on Moon – NASA

NASA emphasis its plan to return astronauts of America to the moon by 2024 for several months. They stated that they are now making an estimation for their mission. Jim Bridenstine, Administrator at NASA, told that their space agency required about $20 to $30 billion for the coming five years for its project of the moon. So, it reflects that it will need $4 billion to $6 billion extra on average per year to the budget of the agency that already expected to around $20 billion per year.

The first time Bridenstine gives his remarks that NASA shared an overall cost estimation for its moon mission, called Artemis and might send human to the surface of the moon for the first time in fifty years. NASA planned to have two astronauts for their mission; a male and first ever female to walk on the surface of the moon.

The main aim of the Artemis program is to create a sustainable existence on the moon, making way for astronauts to return to the surface of the moon again and again. Bridenstine said that learning to live and start working on another world will prepare their team for long-term NASA’s mission to place people on the Mars surface for the first time in the history of humanity.

The cost estimate of $20 billion to $30 billion is less costly than the prediction; however, they are not the final statistics. Bridenstine admitted that spaceflight could become unpredictable and dangerous, so it is practically difficult to make a precise price tag. He said that they are negotiating inside the administration. They are making debates with the federal Office of Management and Budget and also communicating with the National Space Council.

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Furthermore, he said that once they approach a determination inside the administration, they will definitely take that above to the Hill and confirmed that their Congress members are taking interest and prepared to support that effort.


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