It’s Difficult to fix YouTube Problems Completely

It’s Difficult to fix YouTube Completely – Google CEO

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, says that it is too hard to fix the YouTube problems completely, such as harmful content. Google is also the owner of YouTube, and it is facing criticism during last few years as its content ranging from deniers of the Sandy Hook extermination to racist content continued to present on the website even though several attempts of company to filter it out.

During an interview with an international news channel, the host asked Pichai whether there will always needed sufficient human force to filter and remove that content. Pichai replied that they updated their systems much better with the combination of humans and machines. Therefore, it is one of those things, and one can say they are getting it right 99 percent at present, one can still get the examples. He added, their goal is to drop it to a very small percentage below than one percent.

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However, the Google CEO said that it is not possible to get the percentage at 100%. Any type of large scale systems is callous. For instance, anyone can take an example of a credit card system because there is always a chance of fraud present in that. Anything that someone is running at a massive scale, he has always to keep in mind about the percentages.

Furthermore, Pichai said that he assured that they can make significant development and that enforcement will get improved. Also, he stated that it is the wish of Google that it will address the problem as soon as possible. On the other hand, several videos are running on YouTube for many years. In addition, he expressed that they are aware of all the drawbacks in YouTube, and after that, they changed the priorities.


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