Qatar Airways Joins Hands with Rolls-Royce to examine VR

Qatar Airways Collborates with Rolls-Royce to examine VR Reality

Qatar Airways makes a partnership with Rolls-Royce to test a tool of virtual reality. This technology uses Vive equipment of HTC and designed to provide engineers training of virtual refresher with the biggest engine ‘the Trent XWB’ of Rolls-Royce. A350 fleet of Qatar Airways used the Trent XWB engine. Before the maintenance and repairing of the engine, it separated into several parts because of its biggest size.

Engineers will experience see, touch and hear the engine parts with the help of their devices and capable of separating the engine and performing the training in the environment of virtual reality. Before the new technology development, the engines would sent to Doha physically, or the airline has responsibility to deliver an engine is service for training purpose. Rolls-Royce expressed that this process has a risk to harm the equipment or may loss of the valued flying time.

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Product training manager at Rolls-Royce as well as customer, Steve Buckland developed the program of virtual reality training. In a statement on Monday, he said that VR is a valued application, it will go to save money, time and frees up the engines that else could on aircraft, keeping the passengers in moving state. Furthermore, Buckland explained that they aimed to make the engine’s holograms that they can use in the classroom along with the augmented reality that they can place on a real engine to reveal the technical information.

He added that not anything would beat learning with the help of the engine and it will never replace, however, the latest technology convincing them to move with the innovations to teach the engineers. As the technology is in the phase of continuous transformation that engineers taught to maintain the engines that are responsible for flying the planes, also it is impacting operation at airports.

Artificial Intelligence to be Use in a Robotic Head

In recent times, it publicized that Artificial Intelligence would use in a robotic head to deliver the information to the passengers that are passing through Frankfurt Airport of Germany throughout a trail of six-week. FRAnny dubbed assistant will able to give the information to customers on topics like departure gates, restaurant’s locations, and Wi-Fi access. It has the ability to interact with human beings in German, English and seven further languages.


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