Trump slammed Apple over its refusal to unlock iPhones of suspected criminals

Trump panned Apple over its refusal to unlock iPhones of suspected users

The United States President, Donald Trump slammed Apple in a tweet over its refusal to unlock password-protected iPhones used by the suspicious shooting person at a Navy base in Pensacola, Florida in December 2019. Trump tweets that they use to help always Apple on TRADE and many other issues, and still, they refuse to unlock iPhones of drug dealers, killers and other violent, illegal elements. Apple should take a step to help their great country, to make U.S. great again.

William Barr, the Attorney General, claimed on Monday that Apple hadn’t provided substantive assistance in unlocking the suspected shooter’s two iPhones. In a Late Monday statement, Apple replied that it provided gigabytes of info to law enforcement related to the case of Pensacola, but it wouldn’t develop a specialized software or backdoor to give law enforcement raised access. They reject the statement that Apple hasn’t give substantive assistance in the Pensacola investigation. Apple added that it responded very timely and sharply thoroughly.

Trump slammed Apple over its refusal to unlock iPhones of suspected criminals

Tim Cook relationship Trump

The Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook, spent many years for developing a friendly relationship with Donald Trump to influence him as well as his staff away from tariffs, that would hurt Apple. Because the products of Apple are mainly assembled in China. Apple avoided trade tariff on its product iPhone in December after U.S. President announced a so-called Phase-One trade deal. Previously, Apple involved in a 2016 fight with FBI when the U.S. Justice Department prosecuted it to give access to Syed Farook’s phone, the suspected for the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, ending in the death of fourteen innocent people.

The standoff ended when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found an anonymous private vendor, who cracked the security of the phone. At that time, Trump said that he agrees 100% with the law courts. In that case, the U.S. should open the iPhone up, he said during his presidential campaign. Apple argued that in that case, the firm has not the ability to unlock the iPhone except it develops a specialized software, it named as a back door. In the statement on Monday, Apple said that it opposed all type of back doors because they could exploit by bad actors additionally to give access to law enforcement.

In the past, Apple gives Information to several Law Enforcement Agencies

Apple frequently gives information from its servers to law enforcement agencies when it required. According to the statistics on its official website, Apple responded to more than 127,000 requests for information from law enforcement since 2013. A privacy official of Apple said earlier this month that the firm has teams working twenty-four hours to respond to law enforcement investigations. Apple didn’t return a request for comment immediately.

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