Trump’s refusal to concede the election is an embarrassment - Biden

Joe Biden, the President-elect, anticipated confidence about a transition effort of power that he said underway even as departing President Donald Trump and his administration tried to delay it. Biden called the refusal of Trump to concede the 2020 election that he lost an embarrassment that wouldn’t help the legacy of the president.

However, Biden also told reporters on Tuesday in Delaware that he believes the Republican party will finally acknowledge his victory. According to Biden, the refusal of the Trump administration to initiate the transition process doesn’t change the lively at all in what they can do. Further, he says that his administration doesn’t see anything that is slowing them down.

The denial of the General Services Administration, under Emily W. Murphy, the Trump-appointed administrator, to take the legally essential step of announcing Joe Biden, the President-elect has thus far chock his team from receiving funds of $6.3 million Congress appropriate for transition efforts. It also blocked the transition team of Biden from United States federal agencies, and Biden from accessing federal agencies, and Biden from receiving the daily intelligence briefing of the president.

President-elect Biden named 13-person Coronavirus Team

The president-elect says that the daily briefings would be useful, but it is not necessary, and his transition team can go forward without the funding. Biden adds that hey are just going to continue the way they have. Trump also shot down the option of legal action to force the starting of the transition process. Biden is going forward with his transition effort by naming a thirteen-person COVID-19 task force on Monday. He also named members of agency review teams on Tuesday.

Trump’s refusal to concede the election is an embarrassment - Biden says
Trump’s refusal to concede the election is an embarrassment – Biden
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Biden hoped to disclose his choices publicly for at least a Cabinet position before Thanksgiving. So far, Trump refused to accept the elections’ results, instead of making several false claims about voter fraud on Twitter.

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