First death reported outside China in Philippines

First death case reported outside China in Philippines

On Saturday, the government of the Philippines confirmed its first death due to coronavirus, the first casualty outside China. A forty-four-year-old man who becomes positive for the coronavirus after his return from Wuhan. The second confirmed case announced by the Philippines government. Furthermore, the Department of Health’ officials said that he belongs to a 38-year-old woman, the first Philippines confirmed case.

Both infected people are from Wuhan, the city at the epicenter of a virus outbreak. Prior to Sunday, the authorities stated that the virus took 304 lives and infected a minimum of 14,380 in China. A representative of a World Health Organization in the Philippines, Dr. Rabi Abeysinghe tweets that the death case of the Philippines is the first death case outside China.

President Rodrigo Duterte Expands Travel Restrictions

GMA News, the Philippines broadcaster reported that Rodrigo Duterte, the President of Philippines banded foreign nationals coming from China, Macao and Hong Kong. Moreover, GMA said that the state already prohibits people coming from Hubei province, the province where Wuhan located. Philippines and Filipinos citizens returning from China will quarantine for two weeks.

The health officials reported that the forty-four-year-old man admitted to the San Lazaro Hospital on January 25 after suffering from fever, sore throat and cough. They added, these diseases developed severe pneumonia because of bacterial and viral infections before stabilizing in the last two to three days. However, the condition of the man worsened quickly on his previous day.

First death reported outside China in Philippines

Duque III, Health Secretary Francisco, stated that he would like to highlight that they imported the case with no sign of local transmission. The officials are working with the Embassy of China to certify the honourable management of the remains according to state as well as international standards to contain the coronavirus.

Coronaviruses are basically a large family of viruses that generally infects animals; however, sometimes it spread to humans. The symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath

In worsening conditions, it progresses to pneumonia, the major cause of death in the coronavirus outbreak.


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