First Female Black Gay Mayor Elects in Chicago

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Chicago, the city of United States, elected a first female African American, Lori Lightfoot as its mayor to make a history. It is for the first time that any black female will sit on the seat of mayor in the US city of Chicago. When the vote called, she runs off election with over 74%; actually, her competition was with thirteen other candidates of the mayor. Moreover, Lightfoot also termed as the first gay mayor she celebrated her victory with her daughter and wife. During her win celebrations with her supporters, she said that tonight out nearby there are a lot of little boys and girls are watching this historic victory. They are becoming the witness of the beginning of something new. There is a pleasant hope for all of you to become the mayor of Chicago one day.

Ms. Lightfoot is 56 years old, and she was considering as a defeater in the race. However, she runs her electoral campaign on the platform that she will end the political corruption and will help the families of the poor when she comes in power. On the agenda, the policing and gun crime were also at its peak in a city plagued with high levels of murder and gang violence. Previously, Lori Lightfoot led the accountability task force of the city’s police. The structure was set up after the death of a seventeen-year-old boy Laquan McDonald in the police officer’s hands in 2014. On Wednesday, her final victory came on in a vote run-off contrary to another African woman Preckwinkle. She will be a successor in office to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who also served under President Obama as a chief staff.

Black Women Leading in how many Cities?

Overall twelve cities of the U.S led by black women as a mayor. New Orleans, San Francisco, and Atlanta are also among those twelve black women leading cities. San Francisco’s London Breed is also in this list as the city’s female first mayor since Dianne Feinstein Democratic Senator in 1988, in addition to Washington Dc’s Muriel Bowser and Rochester’s Lovely Warren. Furthermore, Catherine Pugh Mayor of Baltimore also stands among the black ladies who are leading the United States cities as a Mayor. She took an indefinite absence or took leave to recover from pneumonia ongoing bout. On the other hand, it comes an investigation into the sales of her self-published children’s book series ‘Healthy Holly.’ Baltimore Sun states that The University of Maryland Medical System gives £380,180 ($500,000) to Ms. Pugh during her service on its board.

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