Pakistani PM Skips Questions About Chinese detention of Muslims

Imran Khan Dodge Questions About Chinese detention of Muslims

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan can’t answer the question properly on the reported custody of as more than two million Muslims in the western region of Xinjiang, China. He said that he has not too much knowledge about the matter. In the interview of Khan with the financial times, they asked the question to Pakistani PM what his stance on the detention of mass where most of China’s Muslim popular Uyghurs have sent. Former detainees and the activists said that the reason behind the camp’s design to eliminate the Muslim religious practices and Uyghur culture.

Khan stated that honestly, he doesn’t have enough knowledge about the issue and even he doesn’t know whose government is getting the more significant part of the Chinese aid. During his press conference Imran Khan expressed that the Muslim Ummah was facing its worst phase, however, doubted on Beijing’s crackdown. Furthermore, he conveyed that he would speak on it if he had enough knowledge of the matter, as there is not too much description in the papers regarding it.

Criticism of Western Countries on the Chinese Government

Western countries fiercely criticized the Xinjiang camps of the Chinese government. Mike Pompeo the United States Secretary of State after meeting with survivors, demands Beijing to release all the illogically detained Uyghurs. Turkey became one of the largest Muslim nations in February to condemn the Xinjiang camps and termed them as the biggest shame for the fundamental human rights. On the other hand, other Muslims-majority countries with friendly and economic relations with China like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and at top Pakistan avoided talking on this particular dispute.

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One of the largest Muslim nations globally, Pakistan has a longtime trade and economic relations with China and also their relationship usually termed by the diplomats of China as a four-season friendship. Whereas, Pakistan also got huge benefits from the infrastructure spending of China as part of Chinese President Xi Jinping road initiative and global Belt. Pakistan also stands among one of the biggest arms buyers of Beijing. According to facts and figures of CSIS Islamabad bought over $6 billion Chinese weapons from 2008 to 2017. The comments of Imran Khan to the remarks of FT mirror in January he made to the TRT World when he admits that he didn’t know the Xinjiang’s exact situation. As an alternative, since he came to power in 2018, he praised Beijing for its support.


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