A lot of fetal remains found in Illinois, buried in Indiana

Over 2000 Fetal remains found in Illinois, buried in Indiana

The remains of over two thousand fetal remains revealed in the Illinois home of one of the most experienced doctors of the Midwest received a human bodies burial Wednesday at a graveyard in Indiana state of the United States. A Republican, Curtis Hill, the Attorney General of Indiana says after the burial at Southlawn Cemetery, telling people that the discovery of the remains was disturbing for everyone with usual feelings.

The Wednesday outcomes came five months after families sorting through belongings of Dr Ulrich Klopfer following his 3rd September death came all over 2,246 sets of preserved remains loaded ground to ceiling in his car garage in a district of Chicago, United States. Moreover, 165 additional remainings found in the trunk of a vehicle at a business Chicago-area where Klopfer kept vehicles.

Hill added the remains lead to abortions Klopfer performed at his clinics in Indiana in the early 2000s but weirdly packed up and stored in his car garage and cruelly discarded in his car’s truck for around two decades. Curtis Hill said that the dreadful discovery of 2,411 fetal remains (medically preserved) in Illinois, left in the car’s trunk, was shocking to anybody with normal sensibilities.

The South Bend Tribune reported, following the service, several of them who grouped at the graveyard prayed sang songs and heeded to anti-abortion activists’ remarks. 79 years-old Klopfer performed a number of abortions during forty years, majorly in Indiana – a state of the United States with some of the country’s harshest anti-abortion laws – and usually as the individual doctor serving South Bend, Fort Wayne and Gary. Klopfer exposes statistics among anti-abortion activists, who held seven days demonstrations outdoor his now-closed clinics.

A lot of fetal remains found in Illinois, buried in Indiana

Klopfer’s medical license suspended

The medical license of Klopfer suspended in 2016 by the regulators of Indiana who quoted poor record-keeping and deficient monitoring of the patient. Klopfer suspected that officials of the traditional state were in cahoots with anti-abortion groups to close him down.

Hill wrote along with a video, on his official Facebook page of his office in which his remarks that the fetal remains foolishly hoarded by Klopfer after he did the abortions. The office of Hill continues to examine the remains, after releasing the initial report in December 2018 on the discovery of the fetal remains in Illinois, U.S. and several medical records of abandoned patient found at former Indiana clinics of Klopfer and other properties.


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