Secretary of State Warn state governors of China’s infiltration

Secretary of State Warn State Governors from infiltration of China

On Saturday, Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State, said in a speech that the Communist Party of China infiltrated several levels of the United States’ infrastructure to destroy the values of America. Also, he warned the governors of state to be aware of the infiltration of China. While addressing the winter meeting of the National Governors Association, he said that they could not ignore the actions as well as the strategic goals of China.

The government of China systematic in the way as it analyzed the system of the United States, judged weaknesses and decided to exploit the freedom of the U.S. to take the advantage over America at the local level, the state level and the federal level, he added. Pompeo further says that competition with China is happening in your state. While addressing governors, he said that he surprised if a maximum of you hadn’t urged by the Communist Party of China directly.

Furthermore, he says that groups faithful with the Chinese Communist Party are functioning in Florida, Virginia, Minnesota and several other states all over the country. However, other Chinese groups practice their contemptible actions under the shadows in an effort to impose influence over citizens and lawmakers of the United States.

Chinese campaign to recruit scientist and academics of the U.S

Mike Pompeo also talk about the campaign of China to hire United States academics and scientists to share crucial secrets, in return for financial gain over their “Thousand Talents Plan.” A campaign of China that already targeted professors and scientists on campuses like Harvard and Virginia Tech, besides prompted investigations by the United States Department of Justice. Moreover, he explained how China pressures the students of China studying in the United States to keep an eye on other countrymen students and finally report back the Chinese government about their doings.

According to a bitter fact, the propaganda of China starts before college education as China targeted K-12 schools across the world. On the other side, the U.S. has no ability to launch similar programs in China, but it must be reciprocal in all these things. At present, China has free control in the system of the United States and on the other side U.S. entirely keep out from theirs. Beijing is quite aware of the fact that today’s kids are the leaders of tomorrow.

In the last, Pompeo warns the governors in the winter meeting about doing business with Chinese companies because it is actually to finance communism indirectly without realizing it. Then he said that the administration of Trump always stands by and ready to help the states of the country against this raising issue. Do not discourage and lose sight of competition from China. Let’s all stand about the occasion and protect the economy and security of the United States.

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