Protesters in Iran show anger after Tehran admits plane crash mistake

Protesters in Iran show anger after Iran admits plane crash mistakenly

The clerical rulers of Iran risk a legality crisis as anti-government protesters crowded the streets of Iran as Tehran admitted that its military mistakenly hit down a Boeing Ukrainian passenger plane, killing all 176 people on board. Hundreds and thousands of people gathered outside the Amir Kabir University gates, near the ex-United States embassy in Tehran, to condemn the air crash as government blamed on human error and the United States adventurism.

Flight 752 of Ukraine International Airlines crashed on Wednesday after a short moment of takeoff from Tehran’s airport. In a video posted on a social media platform, protesters chanted for the resignation of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and also to step down for shooting down the passenger plane with a missile. In another video, protestors demanded, Khamenei have shame and must leave the country. Previously, after the U.S. killing of Iran’s supreme commander Qassem Soleimani, the world saw a huge national unity protesting against the United States drone strike in Iraq on January 3. Huge crowds of Iranian nationals turned out on the streets of several cities of the Islamic Republic to mourn Soleimani death, chanting Death to America.

Protesters in Iran show anger after Tehran admits plane crash mistake

However, after the plane crash of Ukraine International Airlines on Wednesday – the United States and incident Canada said that because of an Iranian missile even though fired by mistake – social media blazing with criticism of the establishment. All 176 people, including the crew members on board, lost their lives in the dreadful incident. That mood augurs ill for a legislative 2020 election in February when the rulers of Iran fundamentally hunting for a high turnout to demonstrate their legitimacy even though the outcome will not change any big policy.

Protesters chanting Death to the dictator

On different Twitter accounts, video clips showed protesters in Tehran chanting a slogan “Death to the dictator,” a reference to Ali Khamenei. It followed a huge criticism in Iran. Moreover, the state news agency of Iran confirmed the eruption of protests across the country. The Guards in Iran issued an apology for mistakenly shooting down the passenger plane, saying air defences fired in error during a high alert state in the country.

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