A Rule takes into effect to reshape Legal Immigration

A Rule takes into effect in the US to reshape Legal Immigration

A 5-4 judge panel of the United States’ Supreme Court is going to pass a rule to restructure the legal immigration. Eventually, it becomes hard for immigrants to gain authorized status if they use public benefits from the government such as housing vouchers and food stamps. The rule will take into effect in every state of the U.S.

In January 2020, a bench of 5-4 court judges gave permission to go-ahead the so-called rule of “public charge” all over the country, excluding Illinois because it governed by separate judicial order. At present, as the lawsuit continues, so the regulation will be in effect across the nation. According to Immigration Services and the Citizenship of the United States, the rule will implement on the coming Monday.

The current move of the court is a win for the administration of American President Donald Trump. Noel Francisco, the Solicitor General argued in a segment of the rule, revealed last year in August, is essential because the accessibility of the civic benefits must not be a spur for the immigration to the U.S.

Public Charge made National Headlines last year

Last August, the rule of the public charge made a nationwide headline when Ken Cuccinelli, at that time acting Director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, reread the iconic poem in his defense of the rule on the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal. At that moment, he said, “give me your poor and tired who can able to stand on his own two feet and that person that will not become a public charge.

A Rule takes into effect to reshape Legal Immigration

A number of states, as well as advocates, instantly opposed the rule, disagreeing that the changes with the rule would make difficulties for the immigrants who depend on provisional aid from the U.S. government and finally enforce costs on the states.

The law will have effects on the individuals who are making efforts to acquire legal permanent status, in other words, to obtain a green card. In the long-term, the new rule has the authority to restructure lawful immigration by restrictive access to take green cards for immigrants with lower-income.

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