Barney Sanders Started the Second Presidential Campaign

Barney Sanders announced the Second Presidential Campaign

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders declared after a month of discussions that he will be the contestant of the president in 2020. It is going 2nd successive bid for the nomination of Democratic Party after their defeat from Hillary Clinton in 2016. He wrote in an email for his supporters that he is asking them to join him today as part of historical grassroots and unique campaign that is going to start with minimum a million people from all over the country.

Among Democratic voters, Sanders stands among one of the famous politicians. Whereas, the policy agenda of Barney Sanders that also embraced by several other Democratic party’s top figures involves around broaden the social safety net, make free higher education and a suit of progressive proposals to grow health care.

In the last year, he expresses his views in an interview with CNN that he told them happily and thought that any objective observer would confirm what he was saying. That from half or one year his Democratic party stirred in more progressive direction than they were before he ran for president. But during his announcement, Sander himself and topmost aides insist that the decision will ultimately end on a too simple question; if Sander is that candidate who can defeat President Donald Trump in the next year coming elections?

However, in his news and Tuesday morning email about he is running for president, he termed Trump “a fraud, a sexist, a xenophobe, a pathological liar and a racist.”

According to Barney Sanders, their campaign is regarding transforming their country and want to create a government based on the values of economic, racial, social and environmental justice. Sanders warned the wealthy candidates that they may have the money and power, but we have the people standing with us.

Sanders have to face more Progressive, Crowded Field

This time Sanders starts his campaign with a high profile and improved organize base support but instead of being a favorite to fight, possibly many other candidates with the broad and frequently overlapping appeal are already following the nomination. It includes half-dozen reliable development candidates who, although the Sanders mold does not have social democrats, share many of his priority policies and political style.

The primary field will be more racially diverse and younger on average. For about ten months, five of his colleagues in Senate are either exploring or running campaigns, together with four out of six women in the contest. In the last two weeks in January and February, Sanders revealed his plans that he would buy over fifty years of padding for Social security through increasing the payroll taxes on income more than $250,000 and apply the estate tax on richest Americans. He suggests a maximum rate of 77% on billionaire heirs.


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