21 Year Old Guy Took Lives of 20 People in a Mass Shooting

21 Year Old Shooter Opened Fire at El Paso shopping center Killing 20

According to Texas & local authorities, a 21-year-old young white guy opens fire at an El Paso shopping center killing twenty people, and about twenty-six people get the minor and major injuries. Police Chief of El Paso, Greg Allen said that 26 were injured in the terrible incident on Saturday.

Allen said that a young white killer man is in the custody of the police; he is from Allen, district of Dallas, which is 650 miles away. The police officials are planning to put capital murder charges against the shooter. He also said that the current case has a link to a potential hate crime.

Moreover, Allen added that at present, they have a policy from this specific person that reflects some angle relation to potential hate criminality. Emmerson Buie, the Special Agent of FBI EI Paso, stated that more investigation required before labeling either that was a possible hate crime.

Another concerned source with the investigation process said that the FBI started a domestic terrorism inquiry into the massacre. It will overlap to the state investigation, and authorities of Texas will take the lead in this case.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador tweeted on his official account that three Mexican nationals included among the dead. Whereas, Marcelo Ebrard, the Foreign Affairs Secretary, stated on Twitter that six Mexicans citizens injured in the case.

Furthermore, according to three other concern sources, the suspicious is twenty-one years old Patrick Crusius of Allen. On the other side, two sources of federal law enforcement, as well as one state government source, confirmed the identity of the suspect.

Whole Scene of the massacre

At 10:39 a.m. local time, the initial call of an active shooter went out, Allen. However, the first police officer reached at the shooting sight six minutes later. Robert Gomez, El Paso Police Sgt. Described the reporters that at first various possible locations given to the police for the shooting at the Cielo Vista Mall next door and the Walmart.

Gomez expressed, that was a large area with a large crime scene. The FBI, Border Patrol, the state Department of Public Safety and the Sheriff’s department collectively responded to the terror scene. Allen added, the crime scene will run for an extended period. Unluckily, the dead bodies remain there at the crime sight until the scene processed appropriately for evidentiary purposes to assemble for further prosecution.

21 Year Old Guy Took Lives of 20 People in a Mass Shooting

Two regional hospitals’ officials confirmed that they received about twenty-three people, including dead and wounded. Ryan Mielke, a spokesperson said that thirteen people proceed to University Medical Center of El Paso whereas one of them died. Mielke said that two children with typical injuries moved to a medical facility of children. Spokesperson of Del Sol Medical Center, Victor Guerrero said that eleven wounded shifted to their hospital. In addition, nine have critical injuries but not life-threatening injuries.

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According to Dr. Stephen Flaherty of Del Sol Medical Center, two patients are in severe condition. Besides, all the admitted patients belong to the age group from 25 to 82, and among those, seven needed emergency surgical treatment.

Donald Trump Condemned Shooting of Innocent People

American President Donald Trump condemned the terror activity of shooting in ElPaso and termed it as an act of cowardice. He also said that no one could defend or give reasons or excuses to justify the brutal killing of innocent people.


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