Turkey goes with Russian missile system deal regardless of US Warnings

Turkey moves with S-400 missile system deal in spite of US Warnings

A deal between the US and Turkey takes another turn after the announcement of Moscow that it was in the delivering process of the missile system to Ankara. To hand over the Russian made S-400 missile system (from the mobile surface to air missile system) said to a threat to the NATO alliance along with the F-35, most exclusive weapons platform of America.

A NATO partner Turkey faces high costs for accepting the missile system of Kremlin including economic sanctions and elimination from the supply-chain for the F-35. An official of a United States State Department said that they emphasize that Turkey will face genuine and negative consequences if it finishes its S-400 delivery.

NATO alliance countries have to gain military equipment that is able to exchange and make use of information with NATO systems. However, the Russian system would not approach that standard. An official representative declined to share name expressed that allies of NATO and the United States gives the offer to Turkey with other missile platforms.

White House and the Pentagon did not respond instantly for the request to comment on the matter. Ankara brokered an agreement in 2017 having worth of $2.5 billion with the Kremlin for the S-400 in spite of threats from the United States that purchasing the system would come with economic and political consequences.

Turkey goes with Russian missile system deal regardless of US Warnings

The S-400 made its debut in 2007 and is the successor to the S-300 and S-200 missile systems. If we compared Russian made S-400 missile system with the United States system, it is capable of engaging an extensive array of targets with extended ranges and efficient against multiple targets at the same time.

Turkey’s Construction of site for S-400 Missile system

According to the popular news website CNBC, Turkey started construction on site of the S-400 system in September. An assessment of intelligence included satellite imagery of a facility of concrete launch along with bunkers. The latest development fit the pattern for the S-400 system of Russia.

In 2013 and 2017, the State Department offered to sell the Raytheon’s Patriot missile system of country discourage Turkey from buying the S-400 missile system. Both times Ankara passed away on the Patriot because the United States denied giving a transfer of the sensitive missile tech of system. Turkey became a manufacturing and financial partner all the while for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 jet, which is the most advanced fighter of the world.

CNBC reported in April that Raytheon and Lockheed Martin were getting ready to create considerable adjustments to their schedules of intricate production during contentious negotiations with Turkey. Pentagon announced last month that it would start unwinding participation of Ankara in the F-35 program on the patch up of reports that Turkey sent recruits to Russia for S-400 system training.

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Undersecretary of Defense for sustainment and acquisition, Ellen Lord, reported that as they have openly talked at all levels that if Turkey receives delivery of the S-400 system than it will not take delivery of the F-35. Therefore, they need to start unwinding the participation of Turkey in the F-35 program. She added, the United States will shortly suspend the ongoing training of F-35 for Turkish pilots.


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