Trump criticizes Dr. Birx following her COVID-19 warnings

Trump criticizes Dr. Birx following her Coronavirus warnings

On Monday, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, slammed Dr. Deborah Birx on Twitter after she warned that the coronavirus pandemic became the extraordinary widespread in the United States. Whereas Trump and other Trump administration officials publicly blast Dr. Anthony Fauci, the tweet marked the first time Birx, the director of the White House COVID-19 task force, publicly drew the anger of Trump.

The dust-up comes as the U.S. continues to waste by COVID-19, with over one lac and fifty thousand Americans dead and over four million cases. Trump always lied and deceived mostly in tries to modulate concerns about the virus as he enforces for businesses and schools to reopen.

Trump’s response to his tweet

Trump wrote that so foolish Nancy Pelosi said stupid things about Dr. Birx, going after her. Because she was too optimistic about the excellent job, they are doing on fighting the Chinese virus, including vaccines and therapeutics. To counter Nancy, Birx tool the bait and hit them.

Trump avoided the question when the journalist asked what he meant in his tweet. At Monday press briefing, he told reporters that his team is doing well, and as a country, they did absolutely fine else than any other country. Trump further adds that he tells Deborah he thinks that they are doing very well. She was in his office a little while ago, and she is a person he has a lot of respect for. At the same time, he thought that Nancy Pelosi mistreated her.

Birx announced the alarms during her appearance on CNN Sunday, told Dana Bash of CNN on “State of the Union” that the outbreak reached a new phase. She says that they see today is different from March and April, and now it is extraordinarily widespread.

The pandemic is hitting the urban and rural areas equally. Dr. Birx suggested that some U.S. citizens in multi-generational families should start wearing masks inside their homes. However, she didn’t reject a warning by Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former Federal Drug Administration Commissioner, that there could be three lac COVID-19 deaths by the 2020 end. Anything is possible, and anything may happen.

Birx’s response to the remarks of Pelosi

Dr. Birx also responded to the comments from Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, who said on “This Week” of ABC News that she didn’t feel confident in the task force coordinator because Donald Trump continues to spread disinformation. Pelosi says that she thinks that Trump is spreading disinformation about coronavirus, and she is his appointee. That is the reason that she doesn’t have confidence there, no.

Trump criticizes Dr. Birx following her COVID-19 warnings
Dr. Deborah Birx and Donald Trump
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Afterward, Birx defended her position on Sunday. She said that she never called Pollyannaish, or non-data, or nonscientific driven. Moreover, she will stake her forty-year career on those basic principles of employing data to really implement better programs to save more lives.

During an executive order signing on Sunday, Jim Acosta of CNN asked Donald Trump why health experts of the COVID-19 task force contradict him. Trump denies his questions by saying that as a team, they are doing a great job. The president didn’t use the opportunity to criticize or expand Birx in front of reporters on his Monday morning tweet.

Dr. Birx developed a close relationship with the White House administration, which spoiled her reputation among some public health experts. She avoided criticizing the Trump administration openly. Fauci took a more public-facing role with several media appearances. And he earned more criticism from Trump, who publicly slammed the doctor and asked during a press conference the previous week why the approval of Fauci was so high.

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