1/6 Panel Gains 8 E-mails Displaying Organizing of Post-Election Misconduct

The January 6th Attack Panel has gained eight disputed e-mails related to the efforts leading to Capitol Hill attacks.

1/6 Panel Gains 8 E-mails Displaying Organizing of Post-Election Misconduct

The US House of Representatives Select Committee established to probe the deadly riot on the United States Capitol has gained eight disputed e-mails that John Charles Eastman – a key figure in the effort led by the ex-US President Donald J. Trump to undermine the 2020 Presidential election – had requested a federal appeals court to shield from the policymakers.

In a Sunday court filing that John Eastman, a former professor & dean at the Chapman University School of Law delivered, he revealed a connection to the Congressional panel providing access to the eight e-messages past week – an attempt to obey an order of the federal court judge – however, requested the House inquiry panel to restrict examining the documents while he made a request.

In addition, the high-profile investigation has been fighting for the documents for several months, and a federal US federal judge smoothened the way for the investigators to obtain them in the last weeks, calling them potential evidence of the preparation of crimes on behalf of the former American President. John C. Eastman has made several desperate final efforts to resist the 6th JAN panel. CNN reached the panel, but the House committee didn’t provide any statement.

Jan.6 Panel Wrapping Up its Review of USSS Records

Previously, David Ormon Carter, a US district judge of the US District Court for California’s Central District, stated that the online correspondence that the Congressional investigators have finally obtained electronic mails include four messages between lawyers representing Mr. Trump that appear to show that they knew specifics they submitted to Courts to challenge the 2020 Presidential contest was untrue, and the other 4 electronic mails that unveil them discussing filing suits as means to block formal certification of Trump’s electoral loss.

1/6 Panel Gains 8 E-mails Displaying Organizing of Post-Election Misconduct
1/6 Panel Gains 8 E-mails Displaying Organizing of Post-Election Misconduct
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The attorneys representing former US President Trump accepted last week the service of the 6th JAN Panel’s witness summons requesting records by Friday and Trump’s testimony ten days later, preparing the way for a historic legal fight causing competition between the legislative branch and the executive branch.

According to multiple sources, the Capitol attack panel is finalizing its review of over a million pages of documents of U.S. Secret Service (USSS) records and plans to introduce top officials and personnel from the federal law enforcement agency to testify before the committee in the upcoming weeks. Sources say that among other individuals, Kimberly Cheatle, USSS Director, Timothy Giebels, Sr. Director, Protection Services, Anthony Guglielmi, Chief of Communications for USSS, and the driver of Trump’s motorcade on the day of insurrection are under consideration.


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