As COVID-19 Intensifies, Trump puts his intentions elsewhere

As COVID-19 worsens, Donald Trump puts his aims elsewhere

As much of the United States remains engulfed in the century’s major public health crisis such as coronavirus pandemic Donald Trump, the President of the United States, held just three public COVID-19-related events last month. This current week, Trump sustained a busy public schedule, but it lacked any events focused on the pandemic crisis.

Whereas, he held an event to celebrate and praise law enforcement agencies. The event was a press conference to announce actions to punish China for its crackdown on Hong Kong, traveled to Atlanta to discuss infrastructure. Touted his efforts to crack down on MS-13, and held an event on the completion of South Lawn with pickup trucks and gigantic weights to exert restraint in the regulation of the government.

Trump’s most straightforward remarks have to claim he does, too, get along with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIH), amid a disgraceful effort by some of the officials of the White House to discredit him. A recent ABC News/Washington Post survey shows that around sixty-four percent of U.S. national distrust what he says about coronavirus crisis.

President Trump refuses to take directions from scientists

Nancy Pelosi said the House Speaker said that the president still responding and intending to criticize his Democratic opponents. On Thursday, she took a shot at Trump and said that she concluded that the president refused to ask for directions from scientists who know better than any politician. He continues to keep the wrong path to combat the ongoing crisis, and he has to admit it.

The most recent event of Donald Trump even slightly related to a health emergency. Moreover, the event was a Saturday trip of the president to Water Reed National Military Medical Center, during which he visited with staff members of health care who are fighting with the pandemic on the front line by treating coronavirus patients and also, he visits and met wounded service members.

Trump held a round-table meeting with the state governors in July on reopening the small business of the country and held a national discussion on safely reopening schools and other educational institutions. Before that, 5th June was the most recent event of Trump focused on COVID-19 when the president visited Puritan Medical Products in Maine.

Whereas, he mentioned the pandemic at some of his unrelated events and sometimes took Twitter to talk about coronavirus with some regularity. Trump’s comments usually focused on touting the efforts of his administration, accusing the Chinese government and falsely claiming that excessive testing explains the alarming rise in cases of the country. On the other hand, his defensive tweets usually include attacks on his political rivals.

COVID-19 Pandemic was not in the eight weeks public calendar of Trump

On Thursday, the president teased that he has to deal with his busy public calendar ahead. Further, he adds that they have several things to announce during the coming two months. Afterward, he went on to tick off a long list of issues he will be discussing and dealing in the coming eight weeks. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic was not present in the list.

Trump explains that he can honestly say no one has ever going to see two months like they are going to have. He promised levels of thoughts that several people believed confidently his administration did not have in this country on issues such as suburbia to immigration, healthcare, and education.

Press Secretary Defended Trump’s lack of coronavirus focus

Kayleigh McEnany, the press secretary, defended Trump’s lack of COVID-19-focused events in the press briefing on Thursday. She insists that the president has a still main focus on the pandemic crisis, whereas he is dealing with several other things at the same time. Trump is focusing on a lot. He held a major press conference about MS-13 in the Oval Office. Coronavirus is something that the Trump administration is focusing on with a top priority. However, there are other things Trump has to focus on, but she wouldn’t mention the last time when the president attended a COVID-19 task force briefing.

As COVID-19 Intensifies, Trump puts his intentions elsewhere
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McEnany noted that Mike Pence, the Vice President, remains deeply engaged with the group. Pence continues to head routine meetings with the task force, discusses the overall situation with governors on weekly calls, and sometimes holds briefings for the media. The Vice President led the last COVID-19 task force media briefing at the Department of Education in July. But the president didn’t attend the briefing. However, the press secretary of the president defended the current approach of the president. Counselor Kellyanne Conway, one of the top advisers of the president, openly made a case for Trump to change course in comments to reporters Friday.

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