President Biden Pledges NATO Response If Russia Uses Chemical/Biological Weapons

President Biden said they’ll respond ‘in kind’ if Putin uses weapons of mass destruction.

President Biden Pledges NATO Response If Russia Uses Chemical/Biological Weapons

On Thursday, the President of America said that North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) would respond to Moscow’s use of chemical or biological weapons in its large-scale incursion of Ukraine, and the nature of the response would ride on the nature of the use of weapons by Putin-led military. In addition, while taking questions at the press conference, Joe Biden said he’d back an effort to remove Putin’s Russia from the Group of Twenty (G-20) major economies.

The U.S. leader responded to questions at a press briefing in Brussels, Belgium, addressing threats of likely Russian chemical warfare in the East European country, after meeting with Western leaders on 24th March and following Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy requesting for more military support.

Moreover, Joe Biden told the media that Russia’s use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) would trigger a NATO combined response ‘in-kind,’ adding that whether or not questioning about NATO would cross into Ukraine to confront the Russian military, they’d decide that at the time. But the US leader didn’t outline what that NATO response might seem like and whether it would involve sending American military personnel to Ukraine, which Mr. Biden has pledged not to do.

Noting the US President has cautioned there’s ‘a real threat’ in Vladimir Putin using chemical or biological weapons in their assaults in Ukraine, the reporter asked him whether America has collected specific intel that proposes that Moscow is in view of deploying deadliest weapons and whether America or Western military alliance respond with armed action if he did make use of them. Mr. Biden added that he isn’t going to reveal intel, but the US, NATO will respond if Putin uses WMD.

America Announces More Sanctions on Moscow

As Biden started, he announced a wide range of sanctions against over three hundred Russian elites and entities, including Gennady Timchenko, the head of the country’s biggest financial institution, oligarch, and billionaire businessman. In addition, he declared that the United States would accept up to one hundred thousand refugees from embattled Ukraine and provide one billion dollars in new humanitarian assistance, as he experiences pressure from Ukrainian leader to offer more deliverables to Ukrainians.

Additionally, the sanctions specifically target seventeen board members of Sovcombank, a prominent Russian privately-owned universal bank, and forty-eight defense firms purportedly producing equipment for Russia’s continuing military operations in Ukraine.

Earlier on Thursday, the Western military alliance announced that NATO would strengthen its capabilities after the President of Ukraine has requested the leaders of the Alliance to provide more military aid to his forces without limitations as Kremlin’s incursion enters the second month.

Furthermore, focusing on bringing together the families, Biden said that America would invest 320M dollars to support democratic flexibility and protect human rights in the country and neighboring nations.

President Biden Pledges NATO Response If Russia Uses Chemical/Biological Weapons
President Biden Pledges NATO Response If Russia Uses Chemical/Biological Weapons
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The request from Mr. Zelenskyy came as the US President held a meeting with leaders of the military alliance to discuss short-term and long-term responses to Putin’s aggression.

Zelenskyy said his forces needed tanks, fighter planes, advanced sea and air defense systems, as he cautioned Moscow would strike Poland and other countries in Eastern Europe. He also said that Mr. Putin has no intention of halting in Ukraine; it wants to move further. Russia intends to go further against NATO members. The Baltic nations – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. And Poland, for sure.


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