1/6 Panel Interviews USSS Agent Tim Giebels

Capitol attack committee has carried out an interview with Timothy Giebels, the former head of ex-VP Mike Pence’s security detail.

US House Panel Interviews from USSS Agent Tim Giebels

According to multiple reliable sources, the focus of the Select Committee to inquire about the deadly riot on the United States Capitol, on U.S. Secret Service (USSS) witnesses is growing, as the committee has carried out two more interviews over the past two days, including one with the Timothy Giebels, the former head of ex-VP Mike Pence’s security detail.

In addition, the sources said the Congressional panel is likely to hold a meeting with at least another six USSS personnel in the forthcoming weeks, including the former and current officials and personnel. On November 3, the committee met Mr. Tim Giebels, Mr. Pence’s lead Secret Service agent, understanding the inquiry panel’s continued interest in learning further about what the federal law enforcement agency knew about concerning threats to Mr. Pence before the Capitol Hill insurrection.

On Wednesday, the Congressional panel also held a meeting with ex-USSS personnel, John Gutsmiedl, according to two people knowing the matter. Gutsmiedl has worked for the USSS for around thirty-one years after completing his graduation in 1988 from the University of San Diego, California.

Finally, John Gutsmiedl served as an “Assistant Special Agent in Charge – Presidential Protective Division” before his retirement in July last year, managing one of the teams assigned to provide safety to Donald J. Trump, the former American President, on the 6th of January 2021. CNN reached out to Gutsmiedl by phone, but he declined to provide any statement.

Nevada’s Republican Party Chair Says “Jan. 6 Panel Interviewed Him”

Previously on October 31, the Jan. 6 committee interviewed Anthony Guglielmi, the spokesman for the USSS, according to media reports. Earlier this Summer, Guglielmi produced the information linked to how the federal law enforcement agency reacted to public testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson, Trump’s White House adviser and assistant to Mark Meadows, former White House Chief of Staff.

US House Panel Interviews from USSS Agent Tim Giebels
US House Panel Interviews from USSS Agent Tim Giebels
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As earlier reported by the journalists, the panel has been bringing its findings to a close regarding the revision of millions of pages of USSS documents and intentions to introduce top officials and personnel from the Homeland Security Department’s law enforcement agency to testify before the committee in the upcoming weeks. According to one source, Guglielmi’s interview was virtual, and according to another source, it was transcribed. However, the panel refused to provide any details on the matter.

Nevada’s GOP Chair, Michael J. McDonald, said he appeared in front of the House Select Panel established to probe the events leading up to the deadly riot at the United States Capitol. McDonald said he was requested to appear in front of them and answered the witness summons, asking for documents and testimony.


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